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Practical information Roof bars Version without citeoen Version with longitudinal For safety reasons and to avoid damaging the roof, it is essential to use transverse roof bars bars bars that are approved for your vehicle.

The complete ipcasso of the parking In very cold conditions, it is brake is confirmed by the brake Immobilisation of the vehicle recommended that the parking brake indicator lamp and the P indicator Alphabetical index Paint colour code Monitoring Operation indicator lamps If one of the following indicator lamps comes on in the instrument panel, this confirms that the corresponding system has come into operation.

Turn the ring rearwards to switch off the foglamps, the sidelamps will then switch To switch on the foglamps, turn the ring C Speed Manual Gearbox Driving 5-speed manual 6-speed manual gearbox gearbox Engaging reverse mannual Engaging 5 or 6 gear Engaging reverse gear Raise the ring under the knob and pocasso the gear lever to the left then forwards.

Page 96 Comfort Flat floor Each seat can be folded onto the floor to vary the the space available in the boot.

Front Airbags Safety Front airbags To assure the safety of your child, the passenger’s front airbag must be deactivated when you install a “rear facing” child seat on the front passenger seat. Following prolonged operation in sunny conditions, the volume may be limited to protect the system. Courtesy lamp and map reading lamps.

The window stops as soon as the it stops and immediately partially lowers again. Practical information Towing the vehicle Procedure for having your vehicle towed or for towing another vehicle using the towing eye.

Citroën C4 Picasso – Manual do proprietário (in Portuguese) – PDF ( Pages)

It has a sliding lid, an open storage space and two cup holders. With the ignition on, the flashing of A or immobilised with your foot on the brake pedal. Massage Function Comfort Electric lumbar adjustment Massage function Activation Deactivation Press the control to obtain the desired lumbar support.

Visibility Courtesy lamps Front – rear courtesy lamps Front – rear map reading lamps In this position, the courtesy lamp comes on ctroen Hooks see details on a following page 3.


The range of all stations available is displayed in alphabetical order.

2009 Citroën C4 Picasso – Manual do proprietário (in Portuguese) (337 pages)

Contents Visibility Practical information Technical data Lighting controls Temporary puncture repair kit Petrol engines Automatic illumination of headlamps Changing a wheel Petrol weights Automatic headlamp dipping Snow chains Diesel engines Daytime running lamps Changing a bulb Diesel citrosn Headlamp adjustment Changing a fuse Dimensions Directional lighting From the outside From the boot, when loading for example Pull firmly upwards on strap C, as indicated You can fold the second-row seats from the by the arrow, to unlock the seat; Ensure that there is enough space behind the vehicle for the movement of the tailgate.

Practical information Temporary puncture repair kit Access to the kit Complete system consisting of a compressor and a sealant cartridge which permits temporary repair of a tyre so that you can drive to the nearest garage.

Ensure that the weight of the towing vehicle is higher than that of the towed vehicle. In some weather conditions e. Access Alarm System which protects and provides a deterrent against theft and break-ins. This is accompanied by an audible signal. Page Comfort Torch This is a removable lamp, fitted in the side of the boot, which can be citrooen to illuminate the Extract the torch from its location by pulling boot or as a torch.

Driving 6-speed electronic gearbox system Gear selector lever Steering mounted control paddles Six-speed electronic gearbox system which offers a choice between the comfort of fully automatic operation and manual gear changing. Driving 5-speed manual 6-speed manual gearbox gearbox Engaging reverse gear Engaging 5 or 6 gear Engaging reverse gear Raise manuual ring under the knob and move the gear lever to the left then forwards.

Situations Consequences Display of the message “Parking brake fault” and the Automatic release is not available. Practical information Stow the black pipe. Familiarisation Exterior Electronic key: Colour schemes Choice of a colour scheme.

It is activated when the lighting control is in the “AUTO” position and the level of light detected by the sunshine sensor is low. Safety Operating fault Reinitialisation of the system is done with the Before reinitialising the system, ensure ignition on and the vehicle stationary.

2008 Citroën C4 Picasso – Manual do proprietário (in Portuguese) (266 pages)

Access Remote control problem – reinitialisation Citrien disconnection of the vehicle battery, Changing the battery of the Do not throw the remote control replacement of the remote control battery or electronic key batteries away, they contain metals in the event of a remote control malfunction, which are harmful to the environment.

Collision Risk Alert Driving Collision risk alert System providing a warning to the driver that their vehicle is at risk of collision with the vehicle in front. Comfort Heating The heating system works only when the The symbol for airflow a fan fills progressively The air distribution can be varied by using more engine is running. Putting the spare wheel back in place Return the wheel to its housing. Select automated mode position A or Press the brake pedal down fully.


Monitoring Engine oil level indicator System which informs the driver whether the engine oil level is correct or not. Press this button to activate the function; the 4c indicator lamp comes on.

With an electronic gearbox, the system is only active in Manual mode. Select “List” in the primary page.

By automatic frequency search Press on ” Picaxso frequency ” to display the primary page then press on the Press to move the cursor secondary page. Installation of radio Depending on the legislation in force communication in the country, it may be compulsory Speakers, Hi-Fi module, Bluetooth hands-free transmitters to have a high visibility safety vest, system, head-up display cotroen, portable warning triangle, breathalyzers and satellite navigation system, semi-integral Before installing any after-market radio spare bulbs and fuses available in the Page Driving Check that the symbol displayed in the When the engine is running at idle, Never select position N when driving.

Safety Child seat in the front “Rearward facing” “Forward facing” Passenger seat in the midway longitudinal position, the lowest height position, then When a “rearward-facing” child seat is When a “rearward-facing” child seat is the height control lever pulled 11 times.

Information display in the touch screen tablet Trip reset The current fuel consumption tab with: Page 94 Comfort Second-row seats The 3 seats in the 2 row are independent of each other and are all the same width. Monitoring 7-inch touch screen tablet General operation The 7-inch touch screen tablet gives access to: Comfort Front Demist – Defrost Ventilation with ignition on Press this button to demist or defrost the windscreen and side function windows as quickly as possible.

Lighting and direction indicator stalk 4. The system is switched off when you exit reverse gear. Wheel chocks for immobilising the vehicle except versions with manual gearbox.

Practical information Before disconnecting the battery Wait 2 minutes after switching off the ignition before disconnecting the battery. Page Comfort Examples of seat configurations 7 seats Maximum loadspace 4 seats For easy modification of your interior vehicle space, all the rear seats can be individually folded: