The FIP Manual is issued under the authority of the FIP policy and applies to meeting the Canadian definition of recycled fine paper as found in Environment Canada’s National Guideline number ECP 08 89, une alarme. Alarme Ecp Automotivo Manual Alarme Residencial · Antenas e Acessorios · Automotivo · Baterias e Carregadores · Cancelas Rossi · Cerca. All references in this manual for number of zones . module, and the ECP Communications Device. 6. .. “manual bypasses” and will not be unbypassed upon.

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This applies to exterior signs in particular, where environmental or aesthetic concerns should be part of the criteria that are considered in determining the size and location of a sign. The following rule applies to a place name lowed by the name of a province or territory.

Nevertheless, different layouts may be used to meet special needs e. The Chicago Manual of Style. Careful consideration should be given to the use or purpose of alar,e address: In both French addresses the cardinal point appear name of the street Fig. On a visual level, the FIP provides coherence through the consistent use of graphic elements; on a verbal level, the applied title identifies an organization in a consistent manner.

When several institutions cooperate on a project, their involvement can be identified in a number of ways. Generally, the size of the wordmark should be in proportion to the overall surface area Fig. The size of a primary identification sign should be based on two principles: For a public administration as diverse and decentralized as the Government of Canada, the FIP serves as a major unifying element. Before adopting a name, careful consideration should be given to its various components, including the way it will reflect the equivalence of the two official languages.

  6ES7 332-5HD01-0AB0 PDF

Federal Identity Program Manual –

Factors such as vehicle colour, size and colour of markings, and whether or not safety markings are used, will affect the visibility of a vehicle. Generally, an institution adopts one signature layout and uses it consistently. For example, the Canadian Coast Guard uses the brief title Coast Guard alarmee identifying its fleet; and Employment and Immigration Canada uses the title Immigration Canada when identifying activities related to immigration only.

Each institution has named an official usually referred to as FIP Coordinator to manage its corporate identity.

Directional and location signs, and directory boards, as well as informational signs, use FIP dark grey. In that sense, the “Government of Canada” signature is the universal identifier, whereas ministers, senior officials, departments, branches, agencies, boards, commissions and programs are identified by distinct signatures. They include items intended for government-wide use, activities involving two or more institutions, as well as facilities occupied by several government institutions.

Internationally, the Program is well recognized among corporate identity and design consultants. Helvetica light; 6, 7 or 8 point, according to the length of the text.

In general, abbreviations should not be used in applications of the FIP except where space is alamre, such as on calling cards.

Nevertheless, certain principles concerning colour and contract should be observed.


Manial time frames represent normal delivery schedules. The suggested ratio between the width of the stripe, the x-height of the wordmark, and the x-height of the signature is In general, the fields of application are as follows:.


For instance, a word indicating the type of thoroughfare Street, Avenue, Boulevard may not be deleted alsrme an address. Good signage helps to explain the facility and, in a sense, answers questions before they are asked.

Federal Identity Program Manual

Nevertheless, when window envelopes are used, it follows that standardized vertical spacing must be employed. The Administrative Policy Branch of Treasury Board Secretariat provides policy interpretation and advice on all aspects of corporate identity management and information design. In French usage, the same rules apply whether the words in question occur in a prose manuak or in a title or heading.

The signature is also used to identify certain boards, councils and committees, and to convey government sponsorship msnual shared-cost programs e. Answerability of federal MPs to the public is the other side of the coin from accountability of ministers to Parliament, and a government that is not visible cannot be answerable”.

Signs intended for a heritage building require special considerations. These messages play an important role in helping the general public ep access to government services. Intended for the various specialists involved e. All institution should use the standing offer described below to ensure all signage conforms to FIP requirements. The following guidelines apply to all new names for Crown owned buildings, structures or sites.

As a general rule, signatures require a space of 4x between the Coat of ,anual and the left-hand column, and between the two language columns.