Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Daily Affirmation. My mind is my good friend and servant. It awaits my direction on what to think about and focus on. I rule my mind, which I alone must rule. Written by Louise Berlay, narrated by Barry J. Peterson. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

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For Neville it did reflect the law working.

Louise Berlay |

Now I also don’t understand why “deliberate manifesting”, or that the objective world reflects the imaginary world, doesn’t have to hold true just because Neville was trying to make a different point in this lecture. If Louise was able to manifest a lot of money, I think I should be able to manifest good health for my loved ones. Louise had the rare opportunity to learn from Neville first hand. AudioEnlightenment is pleased to bring back a metaphysical classic by one of Neville Goddard’s top students, Louise Berlay.

NevilleGoddard submitted 5 months ago by hungzai. I focus on the thoughts and aspects of life that stimulate JOY in me. I have a lot of responsibility in this.

The prayer of faith shall save the sick and God shall raise him up. And yes we can agree to disagree. Neville told a story to illustrate the law.


I am not even doubting what YOU said, that they may have had different thoughts, imaginations etc.

I devote today to serving the Spirit of Love as It uses my hands, feet and voice to channel Love and Peace through me even in the most mundane of errands and happenings. There is no competition, condemnation nor criticism in me nor towards me. But why can’t he change his skin color? I don’t see how you came to the conclusion that she wanted a healthy baby regardless of it’s sex, when according to Neville, he told her it would be a son, and she said no, we want a daughter.

Invisible hands reach out to guide and direct me.

Louise Berlay

Can someone explain this to me? He treated all equally.

There’s another quote from Neville where he says you are not the cause of your uncle’s death if you inherited his money, rather your dimensionally greater you saw his life span and used that to coincide with your feeling of security to produce wealth for you in the best way.

Dorothy Gilbert was priceless in assisting my New York lectures on this subject and will always have her own special place in my heart. If that is what you are trying to do. For someone newer to this material, who isn’t so sure, who is trying to find evidence, it is the other way round. Louise appeared to be an open minded woman, and she probably had more of a desire to have a child that had a more gentle feminine energy, and that was obviously expected of girls, not boys, at that time.


Acknowledge the seeming absence and reaffirm it’s already mine ber,ay assuming it in my imagination. I guess it just depends on where you’re coming from. Loved the book as we hear an actual student of the teacher Neville Goddard.

Honestly, neither of us were there, so we can only speculate. So when one thing bothers me, it sends me into a deep spiral. I am already doing what I can with regards to doctors, medicine and medical care.

I can much more easily get the feeling of wish fulfilled about items I louse really care about. Get some more experience under your belt and you’ll see it does. Submit a new link. Doesn’t sound like grounds to me. Well, I guess I am more like Louise then, at least as of yet. I know that no matter what the negation of yesterday was, my prayer or affirmation of truth will rise triumphantly over it today. For me it does work and it is a beautiful brelay.