Louis J. Freeh, who five years ago produced a scathing report on the culpability of Pennsylvania State University administrators in the Jerry. Note to readers: is using to annotate the Louis Freeh report on Penn State’s role in the Jerry Sandusky sex abuse case. Click on . Penn State officials reported today (July 17) on the rapid and federal Judge Louis Freeh in the aftermath of the child sexual abuse committed.

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The Daily CollegianNovember 11, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Retrieved Apr 25, Spanier reporrt a tenured sociology professor at Penn State, despite being stripped of his duties as president. Sandusky testified when it was still uncertain whether her husband would testify. Why would Penn State care about the Second Mile? Huffington Post Media Group. However, he said, Penn State’s swift corrective measures after the scandal broke out in full—including forcing out Spanier and Paterno—were significant factors in ultimately taking the death penalty syate the table.

Archived from the original on June 8, State Farm also asked the Pebn States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania to declare that there is no provision in its policy with Penn State to force the company to help pay for Sandusky’s criminal defense bills or any punitive damages that he has incurred.

Later in a footnote Bangs states “The terrifically significant disparity between the finding in the Freeh report and the actual truth is disturbing.

Instead, based on the subpoena, the federal probe seemed to be focusing on a possible cover-up by school officials. The Second Mile was a charity formed to help disadvantaged youth. Archived from the original PDF on June 8, Jerry Sandusky interview prompts long-ago victims to contact lawyer”.

The 33rd Louix Investigating Grand Jury continued looking into the investigation. On September 24,the NCAA announced that Penn State’s scholarships would be gradually restored until the total amount of scholarships reaches the normal 85 for the year, the first year after Penn State’s postseason ban. Raykovitz was also a highly trained professional on handling such allegations.


lous Retrieved July 14, University police eavesdropped on conversations during which the mother confronted Sandusky about the incident. Retrieved September 9, Retrieved January 23, District Judge in Philadelphia ruled in favor of the university, stating that Penn State could not legally be held liable for Sandusky’s actions simply because he was employed there.

Retrieved November 21, One reason given for the objection is that there is no legal way Penn State can ensure that taxpayer money won’t be used to pay the fine.

July report on Freeh recommendations shows quick action by Penn State | Penn State University

On March 24,Graham Spanier was found guilty of one charge of child endangerment and not guilty of the second charge dreeh child endangerment or conspiracy. Penn State president removed, Paterno out immediately”.

Wrong year cited for incident in Sandusky case”. Defense rests without Sandusky testifying”.

July report on Freeh recommendations shows quick action by Penn State

Judge John Cleland stated that he intentionally avoided a sentence with a large number of years, saying it would be “too abstract” and also said to Sandusky that the sentence he handed down had the “unmistakeable impact of saying ‘the rest of your life’. Archived from the original on January 23, Doing what the law required wasn’t enough”.

Retrieved August 7, The Christian Science Monitor. But I had reached the conclusion that, from the standpoint of what the University’s values would be interpreted to be by the broader public, that what was known was sufficiently serious as it relates to child sexual abuse that it would send the wrong message about our values as a University if Coach Paterno were allowed to coach as though none of this had ever happened.

It had nothing to do with what Coach Paterno had done, or hadn’t done. Retrieved December 7, Ffreeh Cleveland Plain Dealer. In Pennsylvania, the purpose of the grand jury is to recommend charges. However, one of the trustees told The Morning Call of Allentown that the board had no choice but to force Paterno to leave lous to contain the growing outrage over the scandal. It was based upon the distraction of having him on the sidelines would have caused the university and the current football team harm.


Victim One withdrew from Central Mountain High School due to bullying[] and the boy’s mother has stated that the high school did not do enough to prevent the fallout. Paterno didn’t do enough to stop abuse”. Apparently Graham told [Sandusky] that we would do this, he was wholly within his rights here since the policy says, ‘The President may grant or deny Emeritus Rank on an exception basis. Retrieved October 18, He did say, however, that if Erickson and Penn State had not signed the consent decree, the NCAA would have launched a full-blown infractions investigation that would have had “an unknown outcome.

National championship seasons in bold.

Special Investigative Counsel Report Regarding Actions of Penn State

And he wanted his way, and he didn’t listen a whole lot. Spanier remains tenured faculty member Archived April 3,at the Wayback Machine. The suit alleges that McQueary was fired because he had cooperated with law enforcement pfnn would serve as a witness in the trial of Schultz and Curley. The Freeh Report stated that Spanier stats Paterno, along with Curley and Schultz, had known about allegations of child abuse on Sandusky’s part as early asand were complicit in failing to disclose them.

Archived from the original on January 20, Penn State Official Athletic Site. Penn State spokesman Lawrence Lokman said university officials involved in cases related to the Sandusky scandal were aware of the new allegations contained in the insurance case broadly; Lokman said to Penn Live: Retrieved 28 October