LOTHROP STODDARD’S “The Rising Tide of Color,” following so closely the Great War, may ap- pear to some unduly alarming, while others, as his thread of. Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy, The [T. Lothrop Stoddard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A reprint of a The Rising Tide of Color [T Lothrop Stoddard] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With an Introduction by Madison Grant, Chairman, New.

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Sanguinius rated it it was amazing Sep 28, Hej puts down tribal war, he, wages traceless combat against epidemic disease, and he so improves communications that augmented and better distributed food-supplies minimize the blight of famine.

Thus the colored world, long restive under white political domination, is being welded by the most fundamental of instincts, the instinct of self-preserva- tion, into a common solidarity of feeling against the dominant white man, and in the fire of a common pur- pose internecine differences tend, for the time at least, to be burned away.

For Japan the war had been an unmixed benefit.

Catalog Record: The rising tide of color against white | Hathi Trust Digital Library

The so-called “independence” of brown states has long been due more to white rivalries than to their own inherent strength. With the recession of the Turkish flood, modern Europe emerges and inaugurates a counter- attack on Asia which has placed virtually the entire world under European domination. Above all, the legend of white invincibility lay, a fallen idol, in the dust. I ended up with over 40 pages of quotes from the text after I was finished hide exported the quotations from my Kindle.

They number in all about 25, Indeed, the full significance coolor the lesson was not im- mediately grasped, and the power of New Japan was still underestimated. If these Turks had remained heathen they might have invaded and conquered Asia Minor and the Balkan States, just as their cousins, the Tartars, lothop subjected vast territories north of the Black Sea, riwing they could not have held their conquests permanently unless they had been able to incorporate the beaten natives into their own ranks through the proselytizing power of Islam.

Lastly, all over China runs a veritable network of Japanese concessions like the recently ac- quired control of the great iron deposits near Hankow, far riskng the Yangtse River in the heart of China. The cities of Russia and Poland were burned, their inhabitants tortured and massacred, with the consequence that progress was retarded for centuries.

The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy

In fact, the brown reaction began a full century ago, and has been gathering headway ever since, moved thereto both by its own inherent vitality and by the external stimulus of white aggres- sion.

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It will take, of course, many years to bring this new force into play; but time matters nothing to Asiatics, and they all possess that capacity for complete secrecy which the Japanese displayed.

All over the world the first has been lacking, and in the passions of the Great War the lessons of the lotthrop have been forgotten both here and in Europe. The age-long seclusion of the yellow world, first decreed by nature, was subsequently maintained by the voluntary decision of the yellow peoples themselves. Such a catastrophe cannot threaten if the Nordic race will gather itself together in time, shake off the shackles of an inveterate altruism, discard the vain phantom of internationalism, and reassert the pride of race and the right of merit to rule.

Rami Tammenoksa rated it really liked it Feb 18, tied Japanese writers were very frank in stat- ing that, once Germany resigned herself to exclusion from the Far East and acquiesced in Japanese pre- dominance in China, no risong existed lothrp Japan and Germany should not be good friends. True Africa, or rather Ethiopia, lies south of the Sahara Desert and has virtually no connection with the North except along the valley of the Nile.

Stoddard takes up the white man’s world and its potential enemies as they are to-day.

The Rising Tide of Color Against White World-Supremacy – Wikipedia

But there are other warrior races England, Germany would they look on and let us slice and eat our fill? Even in Japanese colonies like Korea and Formosa, the Japanese, with all the backing of their government behind them, have been worsted. The Japanese might be idolaters, but the traditional Moslem loathing of idolaters as beings much lower than Christians and Jews recog- nized by Mohammed as “Peoples of The Book” was quite effaced by the burning sense of subjugation to the Christian yoke.

At once the powerful imperialist elements in Japanese political life began clamoring for “forward” action. China was at last shaken broad awake. But the wars of northern Europe against the south, from the racial point of view, were not only useless but destructive. The colored races thus outnumber the whites more than two to one.

Here for three thousand years the Nordics were the aggressors, and, although these wars were terribly destructive to their numbers, they were the medium through which classic civiliza- tion was introduced into Nordic lands. Accordingly, the Japanese were hailed as heroes throughout Islam. Open Preview See a Problem? Whether the occupation of Teutonic lands by the Wends and Slavs in eastern Europe was an infiltration or a conquest is not known, but the conviction is growing that, like other move- ments which preceded and followed, it was caused by Mongoloid pressure.


Whelpley, who wrote, shortly after the outbreak of the European War: Almost in modern times these same Mongoloid in- vaders, entering by way of Asia Minor, and calling themselves Turks, after destroying the Eastern Empire, the Balkan States, and Hungary, again met the Nordic chivalry of western Europe under the walls of Vienna, inand again the Asiatics went down in rout.

Prior to Jenghiz Khan the later hordes did not reach quite as far west as the earlier ones. What reforming Moslem Princes wished to impose by force on their Moslem subjects is to-day real- ized a hundredfold. Published September 5th by University Press of Hawaii first published Alleyne Ireland, Glenn Frank, and other friends. Here is how a leading Indian Moslem inter- preted the Balkan conflict: The Nordicized Alpines of eastern Europe and the Nordicized Mediterraneans of southern Europe have proved too feeble to hold back the Asiatic hordes, Mongol or Saracen.

Stoddard’s A reprint of a classic surveying the world racial situation after World War I and warning of the coming non-White population explosion. Accordingly, my attention was thenceforth largely directed to racial matters. The upshot was the Russo-Japanese War ofan event the momentous character of which is even now not fully appreciated.

Other Tatar and Mongoloid tribes settled in south- ern and eastern Russia. Racism To what extent was Stoddard a racist?

The official organs, to be sure, stressed the necessity of friendship with the Mistress of the Seas for an island lorhrop like Japan, but op- position circles pointed to England’s practical refusal to be drawn into a war with the United States under any circumstances which constituted the outstanding feature of the new treaty and declared that Japan was giving much and receiving nothing in return.

White hatred of yellow men, according to what Stoddard has written here, is almost entirely driven by risinv white resentment at competing with coolie labor.

During the war years the Allied statesmen had officially proclaimed times without number that risijg war was being fought to establish a new world-order based on such principles as the rights of small nations and the liberty of all peoples.