The Cave of the Ancients – (Originally published in ) A small glimpse into past history of the Earth and its inhabitants who hid highly technical equipment. Lobsang Rampa is the pen name of an author who wrote books with paranormal and occult . Doctor from Lhasa (); The Rampa Story (); Cave of the Ancients (); Living with the Lama (); You Forever (); Wisdom of the . First a short introduction for the reader who dont know the Rampa story. He Lobsang Rampa – had long time ago – in many earlier incarnations – been prepared.

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Fortunetellers thronged the Lingkor Road, ancient beggars whined for alms, and traders with their goods suspended from their shoulders pushed their way through the throngs in search of customers.

We are like water when on Earth, like steam when we pass over in ‘death’ and we condense again to water when we are reborn to this world once more. There you will meet many difficulties through Western religions. The mountains waved like willow twigs in a storm, waved, and sank beneath the tne.

That is one of the safety devices of the Overself; if we remembered the Spirit World with its’ happiness we would be able to remain here only by a strong effort of will.

The whole world trembled and shook. I have never ceased to wonder that such an ordinary individual as myself should be so closely associated with such a remarkable occurrence as the advent of a Tibetan lama to the Western World. Satisfied that the end was glowing satisfactorily, he turned his attention again to me. What possible harm can come of the printed word? There came the blare of trumpets, and the Lama Mingyar Dondup jumped to his feet, saying, “We must hurry, Lobsang, the Temple Service is about to commence, and His Holiness Himself will be there.

Below me the six lamas gazed upwards in consternation. I could listen to this for hours better than dull lessonwork!


Cave of the Ancients

Senior abbots did not wait for small boys unless it was bad news for the small boys. Later, when I could eat no more, when even the sight of the remaining food made me feel queasy, my Guide rose and led the way back into the other room.

We rose to our feet and hastened out, anxious to get beyond the Temple bounds so that we could discus that which we had just seen.

Deanna rated it it was amazing Jan 14, The Chinese had had wonderful inventions, wonderful works of art, a wonderful culture. I was also registered with a number of private Employment Agencies and paid quite a considerable amount to them in fees, but none of them did anything for me.

I wandered off to where a small square platform of about three rrampa wide, with guard rails, rested on the ground. Knowing too that if he could persuade children to feel indebted to their parents, discipline would be easier to enforce.

Everything on this world consists of vibrations; the whole world’s vibrations and everything within the world – may be likened to an octave on a musical scale. However, it is still cautious territory. The light drew in upon itself, swirling, fading, and becoming brighter and then it formed and remained in spherical shape.

In the years to come, after Mankind has seen the folly of wars, the power will be regained; once again Man and Animal will walk in peace together, neither desiring to harm the other. I know that I have a special task to do, and I became aware that it would be necessary to come to England for various reasons connected with it.

For years I studied religions and occult practices. Chambers such as this, or “Time Capsules”, were concealed beneath the sands of Egypt, beneath a pyramid in South America, and at a certain spot in Siberia. Vivid white shafts of moonlight flashed through mountain crevices, to disappear and flash again as the moon climbed higher. We saw the great statues of the Sphinx, ancienrs did not originate in Egypt, and we received an explanation of its form.


Juan Galindo rated it really liked it May 21, Yes, for those in a certain stage of evolution, such religion is good. Suddenly we all jumped; a baleful red eye was watching us, winking at us.

Then I remembered that an old Chinese monk lived a few yards from where I was. Rampa finally gave his permission for the book to be published provided two alterations were made and ten per cent of the profits were sent to the Save A Lbsang League in New York City letter to Gray Barker, dated October 31, [13]. Had I not been paralysed with fright I would have screamed with surprise; here was light, a soft silvery light, brighter than the brightest moonlight. In other projects Wikisource.

Other devices engaged our attention, also without result. I cannot see anything connecting me to logsang Overself! The Attendant and I cleaned out the place then I stood and looked out across the Valley of Lhasa for the last time. Here too Rampa learned power — but not for abuse or misuse. Upon the roof, in my favourite lobswng, all was quiet.

The Cave Of The Ancients : T. Lobsang Rampa :

These Reverend Brother Abbots are also telepathic lamas,” he added with a chuckle. At the entrance to my Guide’s room I stopped with such a jerk that I almost fell over; with him were two very senior abbots. The Mind is able to accept certain responsibilities, form certain opinions, and attempts to bridge the gap between the ‘ideal’ conditions of the Overself and the difficult ones of Earth.

The aura is merely raampa corona discharge of the body, of the life force. Not a glimmer fhe light entered, nor could any sound be heard. I returned from India and went to my native Peking.

Subsequent to the visit to the cave.