LGB 55045 PDF

LGB 55045 PDF

LGB , MZS-PC-decoderprogrammeer module. Bekijk dit product in de Big Train World webshop. Trein expert met het grootste assortiment in o.a. LGB. LGB # MTS PC Decoder Programming Module. Manufacture: LGB; Category: Decoders / DCC Accessories; Number: ; Scale: G; Price: $ Buy the LGB Dgtl PC Decoder Program from Reynauld’s Euro Imports. Call us at

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What COM port are you using. The software recognises the device, but will not program it.

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Darren Lalonde Registered 18 Dec I must have managed this somehow in the summer as i have two boxes, both on different address ranges. Thread starter Darren Lalonde Start date 12 Lg I have LGB Central station with the basic controller.

LGB 55045 User Manual

I’ve had my LGB stuff a long time but with kids and everything have only started to permanently install it in the garden and managed to program the decoders in the summer with the same laptop windowsstandard com port 550045 usb and the standard lgb software. I have tried every wiring combination possible now.


Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Many thanks for all your replies. I’ve just tried reading the valued from a loco and the pc isn’t seeing reading these either.

Gizzy Railways, Aviation, Caravanning What software are you using?

Is your compatible with your version of windows – check the instructions. Are you sure that the computer is talking to the ? I don’t use a computer and had no problem producing steady current for lighting or flashing lights. Darren Lalonde Registered 13 Dec Forums New posts Trending Search forums.

550455 played around with my switch decoder with a universal remote controller using the supplied insert module for programming cvs into whatever and by changing the CVs in the to the assigned channel, or whatever.

I just dont seem to be able to program any more. The pc thinks it is doing something and spins round the 4 addresses, but lbb actually write anything. The only conclusion i can come to now is that my doesnt work any more. Can you read the CV’s from a loco using the ?


I presume i should be able to read?

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Darren Lalonde Registered 17 Dec Have you read the instruction file loaded to your Lb when you installed the software. With and without motors, train on a track, etc, but still same message.

Are you connecting the directly to thecomputer and points module with no other bits, track, locos, splitter units etc.

LGB | LGB # MTS PC Decoder Programming Module

Hook the two together without going anywhere near a computer. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Is a switch motor connected to terminals A Lvb you need to unlock the switch decoder by changing a CV value – check your instructions.

If then try again it cant contact the

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