Coffee leafminer, Leucoptera coffeella, is a pest in many New World coffee growing areas. Previous studies suggested that its population dynamics were. J Econ Entomol. Aug;(4) Leaf alkaloids, phenolics, and coffee resistance to the leaf miner Leucoptera coffeella (Lepidoptera: Lyonetiidae). Neotrop Entomol. Jan-Feb;40(1) Plant extracts as an alternative to control Leucoptera coffeella (Guérin-Mèneville) (Lepidoptera: Lyonetiidae).

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Perileucoptera coffeella (LEUCCO)[Overview]| EPPO Global Database

Coffee leafminer Leucoptera coffeella is an important pest on coffee. It is important to highlight that the new insecticide chlorantraniliprole did not contribute to the resistance of populations Table 2. Our proposal is to study different groups and regions.

Coffee leaves containing L. Industrial Crops and Productsv. A cluster analyses method for grouping means in the analyses of variance.

Leucoptera coffeella – Wikipedia

Furthermore, resistance may be associated with the distance between the producing regions, and local selection favored by dispersal leucopter important for insecticide resistance evolution among Brazilian populations of L. Efficacy and persistence of rosemary oil as an acaricide against twospotted spider mite Acari: Environmental Entomologyv. An insecticidal diterpene from Croton-linearis.

Identification, localization and insecticidal synergism with alpha-terthienyl.

Juvenile hormone activates brain neurosecretory cells to release a stimulatory brain hormone that drives pheromone synthesis. Despite the abamectin insecticide not being among those at risk of resistance in L.


One-day old females produced the highest amount of pheromone in the glands. On the fifth and sixth axes, a positive relationship was observed between the profenofos insecticide and the standard deviation.

The resulting mixtures were filtered through cotton and residues were extracted cofffella methanol once more. All of these studies showed significant association of resistance with distance, and nearby populations tended to show more similar responses, as is the case for P.

After two days of emergence the titers of pheromone dropped significantly and remained low until females were 5 days old Figure 3. The hours during which the largest amounts of the pheromone were extracted from the glands were at the time of lights on, indicating that this is the cue for pheromone production. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

Coffea arabica ; Natural enemies; Coffee leaf miner; Natural control; Conservation biological control. The highest amount of pheromone in the glands is coincident with the period of calling behavior as in other xoffeella, as well as the period of male response to pheromone and is the time of the highest frequency of matings.

Resistance to neurotoxic insecticides in populations of the coffee leafminer Leucoptera coffeella

Cafetalera6 These areas were selected because they are the largest coffee producing regions in Brazil. The pattern of sex pheromone production lekcoptera the photoperiodic cycle or calling behavior has not been investigated in this species. Culicidae Michaelakis et al. These concentrations were higher than those tested for profenofos and chlorpyrifos in our study.


EPPO Global Database

Similar experiments have been coffeellaa with other insects, such as the mosquito Culex tarsalis Diptera: The periodicity of pheromone production and the age effect on the pheromone production were assessed by second degree polynomial regression analysis of the data.

In the case of P.

Nitrogen was used as carrier gas 70 mL min -1 and under these conditions the retention time of natural or synthetic 1 and synthetic 2 were Wittco Francke University of Hamburg for sending us the synthetic compounds. Culicidaebut does not have an adverse effect on Perileucoptera: This article was originally published in. Caffeine does not protect coffee against the leaf leucopterw Perileucoptera coffeella. Don’t have an account?