Lebensohl over Notrump interference, Opponents’ Weak 2, Opener Reverse. George Boehm originally attributed the convention resolving opponent’s notrump . Lebensohl is a contract bridge convention used by responder after an opponent’s overcall of a one notrump (1NT) opening bid in order to compete further in the. According to Mr. Edgar Kaplan, a leading bridge personality of former times, the origin of the lebensohl convention seems to have been lost to history. In the late.

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This may or may not make; such is life. Responder just has to cue-bid 3 to show a heart stopper. The direct fast auction an immediate cuebid or jump to 3NT denies a stopper. The stopper refers to their suit.

Lebensohl after opponents open a weak 2 and we double

If your RHO bids a natural 2C, Lebensohl offers you no way to ask for a 4-card major and show or deny a stopper.

A cuebid of the opponents’ suit – Stayman. General List of bridge competitions and awards. Notice that advancer now has 3 point ranges he can show —lebensohk, and game-going. If your suit is higher in rank than the preempter’s suit i.

Lebensohl Over Weak Two Bids

All other bids by advancer below game are forcing. Doubler can pass bridgee a minimum or bid on with extra values. We use “FADS” to make the distinction. If you had a bad hand, you lebbensohl bid 2 immediately. With no help at all, advancer should pass this bid. The Lebensohl 2NT is most useful when you have a very weak hand and want to sign off in a suit that is lower in rank t han the preempter’s suit.

List of bridge people with Wikipedia english articles List of bridge administrators List of bridge writers. This is a matter of partnership agreement.


This can also be used to start the description of a one-suited slam try — see below.

See below for how to use Lebensohl to make a two-suited slam try. After a Weak-two opening and a takeout double, Lebensohl is used to enable a better indication of the strength of the responder to the doubler.

Lebensohl Over 1NT Interference

The slow auction bidding 2NT first, then rebidding 3NT or cuebidding their suit shows a stopper. After 1NT – [2C] – 2NT, partner’s 3C bid takes away your 3-level cuebid, so there’s not much point in using Lebensohl when you hold a 4-card major.

This is where Lebensohl gets interesting. Advancer has an intermediate hand — 8 to 10 and has 4 cards in a higher suit than the weak 2 suit. You can now pass if clubs is convenion suit, or bid another suit. If you instead use the Lebensohl 2NT sequence, it shows invitational values pts. You can bypass a 2-level sign-off and bid 2NT Lebensohl to show points. The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge 3rd ed.

Or a Cappelletti 2 bid showing hearts and a lower suit. Using the lebensohl convention, it is apparent that the partnership only loses the natural 2 No Trump bid. The concept behind lebensohl is the result, or the solution of the following difficulty in bidding after an intervening overcall once your partner has opened the auction with 1 No Trump.

Lebensohl after a conventional overcall. If he has no 4-card major but does have a stopper in their suit, he’ll bid 3NT. Ken Lebensold was also a competitor at the event and upon reviewing Boehm’s convention card, “disowned the convention”. We are willing to know about you…Send us your ideas, your comments…Help us to make grow bridge all around the planet….

A direct jump to 3 would be game-forcing, which is discussed further below. Advancer has a weak hand — points and his suit is lower-ranking than the weak 2 suit.


An unspecified one-suiter 2C: You can then pass with clubs or bid your suit. List of bridge competitions and awards. Advancer bids conventjon 4-card major or best suit at the 3 level unless this bid is a jump. Responder also needs a way to show a stopper in one particular major suit.

Lebensohl over Weak 2-Bids

You’ll have to follow with 2NT, which neither confirms nor denies a stopper. An unspecified one-suiter artificial double: After this bidding sequence, all lebensohl lebensolh are system on. Note that with diamonds, it is possible to stop in 4 Note: Lebensohl is a convention used to enable a better indication of the strength of the responder. Some of the defense mechanisms employed by the opponents after a 1 No Trump opening are natural and some defense mechanisms brirge artificial.

RHO shows a two-suiter, and both suits are known RHO may bid something like a Cappelletti 2 showing hearts and spades.

The responder can lebesnohl a cue-bid. It is not a transfer bid and also not a relay bid. Sponsors About Bridgebum began in and covers a large set of descriptions of Bidding conventions, declarer play and defense, and more. Holding a maximum No Trump and no wasted strength in the suit bid by the opponent, a jump to five of long Minor bricge is advisable. Responder may need to make a jump bid to force game. Not bad — 17 points, 4 quick tricks and very nice hearts.

You can still use the Lebensohl 2NT to sign off at the 3-level, but the 3-level stopper-showing sequences do not apply. Assume for the following hands the bidding has gone.

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