Lantronix XPort Pro is a self-contained embedded networking module that effortlessly handles demanding applications, with power of an advanced bit. Full Networking in a Tiny Package. XPort removes the complexity – of designing network connectivity into a product by incorporating all of the required hardware. The XPort / XPort Pro Evaluation Kit is designed with all the necessary items to help you successfully implement the XPort / XPort Pro / XPort Pro Lx6 into your.

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MAC addresses are used to differentiate devices from each other.

Lantronix XPort Communications Module Quick Start Guide –

XPort Pro provides bullet-proof security by offering a variety of robust data encryption and authentication options. If you are running the latest version of Base Station then this error is caused by either the Module being reset to factory defaults using the clear jumper or the module not being on the same network as the computer Base Station is being used on.

To learn something new, take the path that you took yesterday. This should not be used in most relay control applications. The WiNet allows you to control up to 16 wireless relay boards each capable of controlling relays simply from a tab in your browser or smartphone.

It effortlessly handles demanding applications with the power of a high-speed, advanced architecture bit processor. The only thing required to do this, outside of internet access, is Port Forwarding on your router. Our products deliver secure connectivity, device management and mobility for today’s increasingly connected world.

Click Apply Settings from the left menu navigation to ensure all settings are saved to the module.

These operate by absorbing the spikes in power and slowly releasing the stored up energy safely back into the system.

Despite the work internet it is used even in networks that are offline. Wrong Port Number Wrong IP because it may change use this as a reason to suggest static IP Address Board has incorrect power Induction issues Incorrect Baud Rate Something wrong with board, check corresponding latnronix start guides Controller Does Not Respond Reliably If the controller seems to work correctly for a while and then seem to randomly drop communications the problem is most likely with using inductive loads.


For future fulfillment possible reasons it could go bad that we can explain how to fix:. Footprint compatible with the popular XPort and running either Linux or Evolution OS operating systems, XPort Pro eliminates the complexity of designing network connectivity into a product and allows you to deploy advanced applications on the edge device itself.

Click the Lanx Ethernet Setup Button which appears below.

Help With Your Order: This IP Address is used to locate devices on external networks. The thumb-sized XPort Pro provides everything you need in a single embedded solution. If a computer on the same network as the Ethernet Device has internet access then you will need to contact your Network Administrator about possible firewalls or the manufacturer of your router about any firewalls that may be active on your router.

The first option is to look on the top of the Ethernet Module itself where it is printed. These loads include motors, transformers, and just about anything that cause movement. Critical agency certification has already been completed by Lantronix, reducing your test time and speeding time-to market. Please upgrade your version of IE to at least 9, or use a modern browser such as Chrome or Firefox. Both are covered individually in the following kantronix. In this case you should set the module back to factory defaults to ensure no incorrect settings are in the module.

Then click OK below. lantonix

By networking and managing devices and machines that have never before been connected, we enable our customers to realize the possibilities of the Internet of Things. About Lantronix Lantronix, Inc.

Lantronix XPort Communications Module Quick Start Guide

Note you may click the checkbox next to any available com port. Leave a reply Click here to cancel the reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

This means that any time any device tries to access this Port on your External IP Address External IP Address are how everyone outside of your network can locate your network, check ipchicken. Base Station software will adapt this window for your particular model of controller. For each item you select from the list you x;ort see a MORE button in the top zport corner. Please keep in mind our standard lead times when placing orders Dismiss. If this Port Forwarding rule was not in place and lntronix request came in one port then the router would not know which device it was supposed to forward this to on its own network.


Virtual Com Port Setup Remove the Ethernet Relay Controller from its packaging and connect it to the same network as the computer that you are going to use to control it note: For communications reliability, especially via Lanfronix Access, we recommend using a Static IP Address when you feel comfortable doing so. You must be logged in to post a comment.

The Com port in the list should turn black and should be ready for use. In Base Station click the More button in the upper right corner to expand the window showing more options. Your shopping cart is empty. Click the Search For Devices button at the top of the window. If this does not get you into the web interface then you will need to do a factory reset and reconfiguration of the module.

You can either use this information using Base Station or you can use it with your own custom application it is suggested that you query this every time you connect to the board for a custom application because most External IP Addresses rotate as a security precaution.

If you cannot communicate to it using base station you should reset the module back to factory defaults and reconfigure it using NCD Base Station. You are using an unsupported browser!

You will now see all settings for the com port. In this way we can ensure that the module will successfully connect to any network regardless of IP Range. For more information on the use of induction suppression see our full article on Induction Suppression.