Miniature Pressure Transducer With Integrated Temperature Sensor. This transducer is well suited for both dynamic and static pressure. Advanced Technology for Advanced Performance. A brilliantly progressive.

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In certain example implementations, one or more platinum header pins are disposed within and extending through the one or more bores of the iulite portion.

Kulite ETL GTS Pressure Transducer – Horizon, Secunderabad | ID:

The capping member or cap 28 contains contacts 27 which interface via connections or wires 35 with contacts 48 on the terminal board assembly.

One end of the tube is coupled to the differential pressure port, while the other end of the tube accommodates a differential pressure tube which is bent in an arcuate position and directed to the underside of the sensor of the differential sensor assembly mounted in the dual die pressure header. I have also wired the Kulite input to be in a RSE configuration — same result.

Message 6 of The silicon-on-silicon sensor converts pressure to an electrical signal by means of the piezoresistive effect. However, while the output from the Kemo filters is better on a percentage basis, the appearance of 60 Hz and harmonics is more pronounced with the Kemos in place. The air speed is proportional to the difference between the “total,” and “static” pressures.

The reference tube 31 supplies the differential pressure to the underside of an active diaphragm area associated with a die and which die will be positioned over the area 57 in the case of a differential die and over the area 58 in the case of an absolute die. Such junctions would introduce instability and inaccuracy into the device, resulting in a wider error band.

Kulite ETL GTS 312 Pressure Transducer

This would add an extra level of shielding to your setup, helping to block environmental electric fields. The apparatus for providing seal to a pressure tube of claim 1, wherein the lock nut is threaded. As shown in FIG. The reference pressure can be the pressure which exists in a fuel line of an automotive engine or some other pressure source and basically will be referred to as transrucer reference or absolute input pressure.


In this case, the pressure in klite of the filter and the differential pressure across the filter indicate whether the filter is clean or clogged. The header 10 has a cylindrical front portion with a closed top surface 23 and a closed rear or bottom surface In certain example implementations, the platinum header pins are configured for electrical communication with corresponding electrodes of a leadless transducer element.

There is herein disclosed a hermetically sealed dielectrically isolated semiconductor tranxducer fabricated from a single piece of silicon capable of simultaneously measuring absolute and differential pressures. The method transducsr detecting, by a first optical detector, a measurement signal responsive to receiving the altered first interrogation light and the altered second interrogation light from the FPI sensor, the measurement signal transdhcer to the measurement stimulus.

Conventional transducers are typically big, bulky and expensive, often requiring additional complex electronics using capacitative transducers requires extensive electronics for signal conditioning and amplification and in general are not suitable for use in hostile environments.

Such environments include very harsh environments such as monitoring pressure in automotive internal combustion engines, aircraft engines as well as in other environments which are subjected to relatively high pressures and high temperatures. Referring now to FIGS. Such gold wires may break when the transducer is exposed to high shock and vibration.

The term dual kulote header is utilized to indicate that the header 30 contains an absolute and a differential pressure die, which essentially is an absolute pressure Wheatstone bridge and a differential pressure Wheatstone bridge. There exist methods and devices which enable such measurements to be made, for instance, commonly assigned, copending U. A second piece of Pyrex 80 preferably containing two apertures 82, 82′, each of which separately accesses one of the active areas 30, 30′ of the silicon wafer is sealed to the substrate.


The shell 25 has the front opening inserted into the flanged channel 26 of the header In the above-noted U. Transducsr floating-chip pressure sensors.

The dual die pressure header has an absolute and differential pressure sensor positioned thereon. The output switching circuit includes a first terminal, a hransducer terminal, and a return terminal that are configured to provide power to pdessure electronic switching circuit while providing an indication of the conduction states. The lock ring or lock nut 32 is positioned in an aperture 45 within the header The sensor assembly includes a first Extrinsic Fabry-Perot Interferometer EFPI having a first optical cavity in communication with at least a portion of the sensor diaphragm, the first EFPI is configured to interact with light to produce a combined measurement light signal and a first common-mode light signal, the measurement light signal corresponding to the applied stimulus.

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Is there any heavy machinery or electric loads fans, motors, etc in the nearby vicinity? Kurtz et al, and assigned to the assignee herein. Either configuration can be employed. The offset is configured to extend an operational lifetime of the interconnection apparatus, particularly when the interconnection apparatus is exposed to high temperature environments.

That patent describes a combined kulute differential pressure transducer which consists of two sensors made from the same silicon wafer. We export Aerospace Fasteners all over the world. Kurtz, and assigned to Kulite Semiconductor Products, Inc. Moreover, most prior art semiconductor sensors employ p-n junctions to insure isolation of the piezoresistive network from the bulk semiconductor, which is not suitable for use in high temperatures.