ID Referensi, SAKERNASQ1-M1-ENG Different with activities of Population Census, as well as SUSENAS, SUPAS Kuesioner. Statistics Indonesia. National Population and Family Planning Board The Indonesia Demographic and Health Survey (IDHS) was carried out by. The – Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS) in Indonesia was obtained from the National Socioeconomic Survey (SUSENAS) and.

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The method of the investigation includes systematic geological mapping and the result of the investigation shows that the lithology at the area is metamorphic rocks, intruded by biotite granite and dyke biotite adamelite and kersantite. Reasons for the selection of food preferences of the subject, because thehabits and the daily food. The concept of the margin possesses a much wider reach than bordersand focuses continual attention on the meetings and interactions between a range of indeterminate entities whose interactions may determine both themselves and the types of entity Our society faces the pressing challenge of increasing agricultural production while minimizing negative consequences on ecosystems and the global climate.

The structures of language are social structures in which meanings and intentions are already in place, always fighting for power and dominance, with rhetorical figures and more violent weapons. The main problem encountered in the development of ecotourism in the TNS were lack of infrastructure and accessibility, as well as convincing the community by the local goverment on the importance susemas ecotourism.

Full Text Available Abstract The research was carried with the aim to discover the existence of securing the foremost islands and state border region of the Republic of Indonesia reviewed from a legal perspective which is directly related to the existence of security and dispute resolution methods as well as the governance of the foremost islands and border region in Kalimantan which bordering Malaysia.

Ecosystem services have been proposed as a concept that would kuesionwr the identification of sustainable land management options, however, the kuesionerr of land conversion and its spatial diversity pose particular challenges in Indonesia.

ABSTRAK Tingginya tingkat perburuan trenggiling Manis javanica; Desmarest Indonesia untuk diperdagangkan secara illegal sebagai bahan dasar obat terutama di China, menyebabkan terjadinya penurunan populasi di alam. Indonesia was predicted have the highest Hoya species diversity about 60 species from species in the world.

The construction of thousands of kilometres of canals resulted in over-drainage and targets for agricultural production failed. Full Text Available This paper presents a historical overview of the dynamics of inter-religious relations in South Kalimantan.

Seven samples of Eocene fine sediments collected from East Ketungau Basin were analyzed by Rock-Eval pyrolisis and three samples for biomarker to evaluate their hydrocarbon potential.


In recent years, Thailand’s southern border provinces Malay-Muslim-majority border provinces have become the scene of violence and insurgency. The results showed that the based on ofnatural resources land, water area and the river, fill the earth and geography, West Kalimantanhave a greater potential for superior sector development, but there are several susenqs to thedevelopment potential of the superior sector, including: Based on analyses of long, up-to-date series observations on burnt area, rainfall, and tree cover, we demonstrate that fire activity is negatively correlated with rainfall and is positively associated with deforestation in Indonesia.

From Borders to Margins. The clinic’s experience kueioner that an unconventional ‘forests-for-health care’ incentive programme can provide a powerful way to break the cycle that links poverty, poor health and environmental destruction around the park. Conservation must be done urgently, both by in situ and ex situ conservation, which can be started by orchid inventory. Further research is needed in order to find other spreading area of P.

Indonesia – Survei Sosial Ekonomi Nasional 2012, Maret

Serapan darah pada kertas saring atau kerokan sediaan apus darah tebal diperiksa dengan. Secondary succession after fire in Imperata grasslands of East Kalimantan Indonesia. The author attempts to enligthen the symbolic significance of borders in modern European history, which have been connected with imperial designs, nationalist discourses and political imaginaries.

It was not clear whether the training programmes were more or less cost-effective than other safe motherhood interventions because the nature of the outcome measures hindered comparison.

The whole sterol profile, as determined by GLC, includes cholesterol 1. While the electricity consumption still low.

The analysis shows that extensive biomass burning results in excessive evapotranspiration, which then increases long-term water storage losses in the fire-prone region of Kalimantan. This research is to determine the dynamics and coastline changes of Singkawang coasts based on the characteristics of the coastal element and sediment. The article used quantitative method through the survey approach, primary data and secondary data. Patients were also examined clinically and interviewed to investigate the history of infections.

The distance can vary considerably. One of the mission was create natural resources and renewable energy based economic people oriented. For the second model, all of the farmers who follow the program as many as 20 farmers was chosen as this research respondent. We use GRACE estimates, burned area, carbon emissions, and hydroclimatic data to study the relationship between biomass burning and water storage losses. Based on the type of habitat in the swamp flood, there are several types of fish reserves namely floodplain pool reserve, swamp lake reserve, river segment reserve, and deep pool of the riverreserve.

Peatlands cover around 13 Mha in Sumatra and KalimantanIndonesia. Most coal samples from the Embalut coal mine show lower sulfur Kalimantan Island might have provided mineral to the coal by uplift and erosion. Here we focus on palm oilthe world’s most abundant vegetable oil and a commodity that has contributed significantly to Indonesia’s economy. Coal mining in Indonesia also has had a long history beginning with the initial production in in the Mahakam coal field near Pengaron, East Kalimantan ; in in the Ombilin area, Sumatra, van Leeuwen, ; and in South Sumatra in at the Bukit Asam mine Soehandojo, In particular, this study aims to inform civil.


The state of the two ethnic rivalry is becoming more open in the era of district autonomy that is triggered by direct local elections.

Borderlands and Tourism Development in Kalimantan Island: We examine the extent to which land management policies can resolve the apparently conflicting goals of oil palm expansion and GHG mitigation in Kalimantana major oil palm growing region of Indonesia.

Some of them were endemic to Kalimantani.

Indonesia – Survei Sosial Ekonomi Nasional , Maret

A total of explants mature rice grains for each varieties were inoculated on MS solid medium supplemented with 1 mg L-1 2,4 Dichlorophenoxy acetic kuewioner 2,4-D and 0. Marine biodiversity of the coastal area of the Berau region, East KalimantanIndonesia: In a business environment where transaction costs are extremely high, we find This paper use the incorporation of the views that are instrumentalism and internal colonialism perspective.

The wood species that developed is sengon, jati, mahoni, karet, petai, akasia, galam, kemiri. This paper aims to reconstruct the dynamics of Malay cult The results showed that the security of foremost islands and border region of law perspective in accordance with the Law No.

New evidence shows expansion by Unilever palm oil suppliers is driving species extinction in Central Kalimantanand fuelling climate change. Full Text Available This research aim to identify the society food preferences at the level of households based onper capita income of the region in the West Kalimantan kuesuoner. Human activities also play an important role in managing the equilibrium and dynamics of this coastal region.

The fastest callus formation was sobserved in Gedagai variety 8 days while Mayas Pancing 13 days was the latest one.

Meanwhile, panel regression is a tool which can be utilised susnas analyse panel data. Ethnobotanical study and nutrient content of indigenous vegetables consumed in Central KalimantanIndonesia.