The Kolbrin Bible: Millennia ago, Egyptian and Celtic authors recorded prophetic warnings for All online orders are securely processed through The Kolbrin, or The Kolbrin Bible, is a collection of texts alleged to be the of the Kailedy; the same group also presents an online edition. Information About The Kolbrin Bible – English – EspaƱol. – Nibiru and The Kolbrin. – Planet X and The Kolbrin Bible Connection – Why The Kolbrin Bible is the.

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The bright jewels beloved by queens? Henceforth he would have dominion over God’s earthly estate, but he also had to unravel the Circles of Eternity, and his destiny was to be an everlasting seeking and striving. He was Fanvar, son of Auma and Ohline.

Only a portion of these books remains and it seems that much of historical nature has been trimmed away.

Its passage caused great thunderings and onkine to rend the thick darkened sky, all Heaven and Earth being made hot. One such book was the Kolbrin. The Dark Side of the Force. Its appearance and behaviour are described in detail, particularly during an account of the Israelite slave exodus from Egypt [This is described from an Israelite viewpoint in the Book of Exodus. When the light of the sun pierced the Earth’s shroud, bathing the land in its revitalizing glory, biible Earth again knew night bkble day, for there were now times of light and times of darkness.

Above and below and all about there is nothing beyond your reach; all, with one exception, is yours to attain”. The foul air was purified and new air clothed the reborn Earth, shielding her from the dark hostile void of Heaven.


Four times the stars have moved to new positions and twice the sun has changed the direction of his journey. Please note that the picture of blemmyae is taken from a photographic library od images and not from an article on blemmyae, ditto the pic of Corineus and the giant.

Guide to the Kolbrin

Thus it was that these treasures of Egypt came to Britain. They will be eaten u in the flames of wrath and consumed by the breath of the Destroyer. Most recently, skeletons of 9-foot men are being found near Borjomi in Georgia Caucasusand near Cagliari in Sardinia]the Kolbein Ones and the land of Marshes and Mists are all destroyed.

After onlone marriage the king showed little concem for Habaris, for he kept Klara’s young battleman in his retinue when he should have dispatched him elsewhere. Earth is perfect for its purpose. This place had been closed off from Earth, for it existed in another realm beyond the ken of mortals; but it had been brought into attunement with Earth when a forbidden act was accomplished.

Men are denied their true birthright. That true victory is gained only over the defeated bodies of their vanquished passions and baser selves. It is the same tree which can be read as men read a book.

Full text of “The Kolbrin (PDFy mirror)”

One generation groped in the desolation and gloom, and as the thick darkness was dispelled its children believed they were witnessing a new creation. Man grew in stature, but Earth was not indulgent, for she disciplined him firmly. Much of the book consist of writings that could have well been found in antiquity. Beside the gathering place biblr the compound of a far-framed seer and hible called Gwidon, who, in the fullness of the moon on the third night, would prophesy events for the forthcoming year.

His spirit ranged unhampered through all the spheres of existence.


Wisdom From the Ancients

The face of the sun shone down kindly upon his sister and the dry land of her body became very hard, humidity and dampness were taken away. But Habaris instructed Herthew in the ways of the Otherworld.

Man found the new Earth firm and the Heavens fixed. Man makes onlline by naming them, but where in this is the benefit to him?

Those with Dadam, who looked back towards the place of the garden, saw bright tongues of light licking the sky above it, the whole being interwoven with flickering flames in many hues. Overcoming the bewilderments of early days he found explanations hible the perplexities of his surroundings. Beside the place called Bibel was a pleasant parkland with trees of every kind and a stream, also thickets of flowering bushes and all manner of plants growing lushly. Inside the palisade was a walkway and places from which great stones could be hurled, and from one such place came a murderous weapon which cut down through Herthew’s head to pierce the shoulder of his shield arm, striking him to the ground.

Man awoke, the revelation and vision gone, only the grim reality of Earth’s bibld vastness surrounded him. If so, this will remain unread, for to you it would be a wilderness of words serving no purpose.

Awen makes everything what it is, for all things change under its law. During the s and s these books were kept by a little-known religious group.

Henceforth, God was hidden, for He has always remained dimly reflected gible His creation.