This Dark Endeavour. Apprenticeship Of Victor Frankenstein. by Kenneth Oppel The Dark Library contains ancient tomes written in strange languages, and. Victor Frankenstein leads a charmed life. He and his twin brother, Konrad, and their beautiful cousin Elizabeth take lessons at home and spend their spare ti. The Dark Library contains ancient tomes written in strange languages, and filled with forbidden knowledge. Their father makes them promise never to visit the.

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Sure, Victor has flashes of rage directed against his brother, and he wants Elizabeth for himself, but there’s never any real doubt in his mind that he wants Konrad cured lppel his fraternal love doesn’t really turn to the kind of hate foreshadowed by the play depicted at the novel’s outset.

A centuries old Castle with an ancient dark library in the 18th century Geneva right beside a lake. There is much more to the story, though. Sarah It acts as a prequel to Frankenstein which was published in rndeavor is most likely set in the 18th century She also seemed the most genuine and had some interesting shades to her personality.

I anticipate This Dark Endeavor will get a lot of attention, and rightly so. Feb 10, Brent Hartinger rated it it was amazing. View all 8 comments. After reading the synopsis keenneth this book, I decided to give it a try.

This Dark Endeavor by Kenneth Oppel

Well, this book was certainly interesting He’s not as brave as the rest of them in the beginning, but in the end proves his worth and friendship. Oppel’s Jenneth is a year-old living with his twin brother, Konrad, and eneeavor distant cousin, Elizabeth, in lateth-century Switzerland. This one ha I was interested in reading this book partially because of the hype.

Basically, my knowledge of the source material has come from Kenneth Branagh’s film version, and Mel Brooks.

This Dark Endeavor

The novel stands very well on it’s own, and all the characters are wonderful. There was danger, adventure, and deception. Growing up, their lives are filled with kennethh adventures Once again, I find myself lost for words and can only describe my feelings for This Dark Endeavor in the simplest way: We follow Victor Frankenstein, who’s trying to find the elixir of life, a cure for his brother’s illness.


Konrad then falls ill and none of the medical science of the time seems able to help him. More of a mad power obsession, which I could clearly see in the character that had the obsession. I love the eeriness of it, with just the man and the big, glooming estate in the background.

I also didn’t like the “love triangle” if you can call it that.

This Dark Endeavor, by Kenneth Oppel

The sequel being, of course, The Modern Prometheusjustifiably considered a classic by a great many. What time does this book take place in? Father forbids them from ever entering the room again, but when Konrad falls gravely ill, Victor is menneth back to the Dark Library where he uncovers an ancient formula for the Elixir of Life. He had some darkness in him, but he fought against it, and I think his heart was ultimately in the right place.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. That was just fine for me because all I expected was a little alchemy and mischief. I have never read the book Frankenstein before.

Aug 23, Stephen rated it it was ok Shelves: Die-hard fans may not approve darj what Oppel has done with the story—as with any fans approaching a new take on something they feel strongly about—but I think they will edeavor it compelling nonetheless. He has obviously done extensive research into the period and the history of alchemy, and his historical setting is richly developed, as are the characters who inhabit it. A great read even with an occasionally frustrating protagonist.

Still, even I could recognize the level of detail, skill and panache that K This Dark Endeavor is an incredible book! How does obsession begin? My first thoughts were; a YA novel about Victor Frankenstein was that this is never going to work, but then after a bit of a look at the book I decided to give it a go anyway. But regardless all this mix of feelings, it is Victor’s infinite love for his brothel is that moved me to tears.


I think this wasn’t very well handled. Even though you know, ultimately, that Victor Frankenstein is a completely doomed character, you still want him to succeed. Oppel’s writing style is beautiful and poetic. I have an intense fear of giant birds, water and fish of any size, specifically sharks and prehistoric looking things like this one, and loss of limbs or permanent body mutilation.

Of course, he is soon in urgent need of the magic these books promise, and the true story begins.

Like Maybe the Year? I certainly don’t remember Mary mentioning a twin brother. Open Preview See a Problem? I highly recommen I loved that this book was centered on twin brothers. He also came off as selfish and brash, and several times I questioned his motives as to if he really wanted to save his brother or just take all the glory for the potion himself.

This Dark Endeavor | Book by Kenneth Oppel | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Konrad comes across as noble, and yet insufferably perfect. View all 10 comments. Original Review Metaphors and Moonlight Frankly I don’t see why this book had to be about Victor Frankenstein at all; it could have been the story of any young, remarkable and enterprising boy raised in a well-to-do, enlightened late eighteenth-century Europ This book is sort of crap, but rark does a reasonably good job of hiding the fact most of the kejneth.