Recent Posts. 5G Americas Board Elects T-Mobile’s Neville Ray as Chairman and Jim Nevelle, Kathrein USA, as Treasurer in · Kathrein and Rohde. – – MHz +45°, –45° 2 x dBi 66° Copolar: > 30 dB The homogenous design of Kathrein’s antenna families use identical. Explore the latest datasheets, compare past datasheet revisions, and confirm part lifecycle.

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Extraordinary operating conditions, such as heavy icing or exceptional dynamic stress e.

Kathrein Antenna F-Panel

The colour of the radome is grey. Stainless steel 80 g 1 2 clamps Mast: The installation team must be properly qualified and also be familiar with the relevant national safety regulations.

Adjustment mechanism with integrated scale 54 69 Ice protection: Fiberglass material guarantees optimum performance with regards to stability, stiffness, UV resistance and painting. All screws and nuts: The lower edge of the gearwheel must be used for alignment.


Stainless steel 70 g 1 2 clamps Mast: Stainless steel g 1 2 clamps Mast: Hot-dip galvanized steel 4. Hot-dip galvanized steel 1.

Screw on the protective cap again. The antennas exceed this standard with regard to the following items: The details given in our data sheets have to be followed carefully when installing the antennas and accessories.

Kathrein K 742 215

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Page 2 of 3 Internet: Due to the very sturdy antenna construction and the protection of the radiating system by the radome, the antenna remains operational even under icy conditions.

Kathrein cellular antennas are designed to operate under the environmental conditions as described in ETS class 4. Stainless steel 80 g 1 1 clamp Mast: The limits for the coupling torque of RF-connectors, kathreinn by the connector manufacturers must be obeyed. For a description of RCU installation please refer to kaghrein respective data sheet.

KATHREIN V01 | Shields Marketplace

General Instructions for Adjustment Mechanism Description of the adjustment mechanism protective cap removed: No additional mounting kit needed. Any previous datasheet issues have now become invalid. Extensive tests have been performed on typical samples and modules.


Stainless steel 90 g 1 2 clamps Mast: Kathrein antennas have passed environmental tests as recommended in ETS The metal parts of the antenna including the mounting kit and the inner conductors are DC grounded.

Kathrein Antenna F-Panel – 742 215

Set downtilt angle by rotating the adjustment wheel. As a result of more stringent legal regulations and judgements regarding product liability, we are obliged to point out certain risks that may arise katbrein products are used under extraordinary operating conditions.

To set the downtilt angle exactly, you must look horizontally at the scale. Hot-dip galvanized steel 2. These facts must be considered during the 21 planning process. Stainless steel 60 g 1 2 clamps Mast: Box 10 04