Vijay Tendulkar is a well-known playwright in contemporary Indian theatre along with Girish Karnad, Badal Sircar and Mohan Rakesh. His Kamala is a gyno-. Abstract: Vijay Tendulkar is a well-known playwright in contemporary Indian theatre. He reminds us other playwrights such as Girish Karnad, Badal Sircar and . This research study is based on the play “Kamala” written by Vijay Tendulkar as he was also a journalist. He observed the inside of this institution and unveils.

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Kaka sahib, Sarita’s uncle is currently in Delhi to procure his quota of newsprint with Jadhav’s help. And finally a new Sarita emerges.

कमला [Kamala]

She would become a master of her own wishes and would no longer be a use and throw object. Never mind what you write”. It was too like just that. It deals with the issue of buying and selling of tribal women.

I am going to kqmala that croaking ass to pieces…. They will use all those methods of running around, tapping secret sources and so on-and every day they will bring me some fresh mal masala news from every nook and corner of the district. There is inequality in the society and slavery even in tendulkqr century than what is role of the journalists?

Kakasaheb tries to console Sarita for reconciliation with the situation. Is the President or some coming here today?

Ruhiya rated it really liked it Mar 02, No trivia or quizzes yet. According to him, presenting a case is vital rather than case itself.

A friend of Jaisingh Jadhav Setting: It is feminine area. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.

कमला [Kamala] by Vijay Tendulkar

Another example of sensational journalism when an anonymous person threats because of the Paper 23, Jaisingh wrote about an M. Kamala jibes at the vijxy political set up comprising of petty-minded, mealy-mouthed and opportunistic politicians who believe that running a nation is more of a trade and every business trade is carried on with the aim of coming up as a lucrative one. Kakasaheb who is also a journalist, is critique of the yellow journalism.


Even a bullock costs more than tsndulkar. It focuses on the changed role of women in society. All our reporters sat there produce Madam Kamala. It lays a strong stress on ethics.

Act Two Before the Press Conference, Vujay even did not allow his intimate friends like Jain to share what is he going to present in the Press Conference, but here when Kakasaheb listens the loud voices of Jain and Jaising, comes out of his room, when he sees the two tendulmar, he asserted that he must have returned as a private conversation was going there. In the mind of vija like innocent persons, Kamala, the person who buys you and gives you food and shelter he is master and the bought is his slave.

His work boosts the circulation of the paper and the owner increases his salary, Jadhav happily moves to a small bungalow in a fashionable locality around New Delhi. Speaking this, he loses his balance and collapses to ground like a senseless person who is weak to support him.

Kamala to jadhav is only an object that helps him win instant fame while Sarita is also an object to be paraded as a wife at parties, to enhance his status as tendilkar successful journalist.

I see, I see. All these evils are crimes.

Jain is supporting the arguments of his friend as; Jain: I tell you bhabhiji. Towards the close, Jadhav’s dismissal results from his proprietor Sheth Singhania’s questionable association with some political big wigs of Delhi.


He’s made a drudge out of a hourse-riding independent girl from a princely house, ‘Hai’, ‘Hai’ Theatrically to Jaisingh Shame on you! In the end, the rebirth of Sarita, who is now independent, and stronger with confidence, and who looks forward to the day when she would break away the shackles of her bondage, shows that Tendulkar, though not a self-acknowledged feminist, treats his women characters with understanding and compassion.

The play expresses Tendulkar’s grasp of the harsh realities in our social fabric. Through this play, Vijay Tendulkar wants that media must play its role to correct the society rather than running after political leaders and actors etc.

A dramatic reading from Kamla by Vijay Tendulkar – Events – Sundaram Tagore Gallery

Views Read Edit View history. I am going ny say this man’s a great advocate of freedom. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Her condition, when he leaves the house is kmaala tragic like a king who is forced to leave his palace after his defeat, every person who has heart, will feel it and it arouses pity and fear in the mind of people who study the play.

But salute this rascal.


May 19,Pune, India Spouse: Kamala proposes that she will do all housework while Sarita will look after accounts and such vijwy Things. He has no sympathy with Kamala. A bloody income tax evader. It exploits the masses and misguides them towards destruction as such like journalism is harmful for the integrity of the state.