Some writers are prolific. A better adjective for John Scalzi might be “possessed.” You’d think he’d have his hands full churning out novels at a machine-gun. The third book in John Scalzi’s exciting sci-fi series which started with Old Man’s War. This essay, on The Last Colony, is the third installment in an on-going retrospective of John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War series. Previous.

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Jan 20, Hosein rated it it was amazing. They all talk and think the same, including supposedly sleazy politicians and alien generals. Simply copony, it wasn’t serious.

I wondered however where Scalzi was going with this story, with its focus on imperialism and the dangers of power in the hands of the few, placing us first in a narrow perspective, and widening it three quarters of the way in. While there’s no scene here that quite amps up the adrenaline like the climax of The Ghost Brigadesreaders will find The Last Colony a nice place to visit.

Jul 29, Ivan rated it really liked it Shelves: The confederation of human planets known as Colonial Union was formed in response to alien civilizations out to exterminate our species, and in response to their success hundreds of alien species have formed their own confederation, the Conclave.


That will have to hold me over until TLC comes out.

John, hope you enjoy well deserved rest! Most novels these days are between 90k and k. Jul 09, Kaethe rated it it was amazing Shelves: Any technology that needs explanation is explained in a comprehensible manner, not with a lot of jargon.

Nov 21, Marijan rated it really liked it. We go back to the first-person narrative of Major John Perry, formerly a reborn-supersoldier, now a husband and father and space-colonist. A recent scalzzi by the Union on Conclave forces was restrained from becoming all-out war only by the wisdom of their leader, General Gau, who now can barely keep the alien confederation together.

They all have this laid back mid-West US talk, and they use ojhn word ‘no offense’ all too often. Then I went back to my office and wrote an e-mail to Patrick Nielsen Hayden, my editor, which went as such: Still, it’s almost as serious as the previous book.

Too much politics CU acting like complete morons. The Colonial Union is thrown into disarray, with enlistment plummeting and potential colonists demurring, but the end of the book suggests that bringing Earth into the Union properly will allow for more diplomatic solutions and cooperation between species.

Lists with This Book. Not to mention the dubious plot device of passing on military-grade combat strength and skills to someone by slipping lat into their food? Thus, another craven e-mail to PNH explaining the situation, and then another overhaul of the story. Out went the third-person chapters, and in came a new focus on John Perry and his point of view. At the end of the day, while I’ve coliny there are some weaknesses to this series, all the strengths add up to give me an easy sci-fi, perfect tge a light reading mood.


The Last Colony by John Scalzi

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. There must be f January At the end of the book Scalzi says he isn’t going to write any more about these characters.

Does that make any sense?

When you write, because there’s a contract, you can feel it. Jun 20, Jason Pettus rated it liked it.

Thoughts on The Last Colony

The Last Colony is a sequel. Besides crashing into the bed and not moving for a few days? Perry’s colony is called Roanoke. They become the administrators of a new human colony, Roanoke.

What I was writing was goodin my opinion; the problem was it was just too much. The Last Colony [Aug lasg 43 36 Sep 25,

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