This is the operator’s manual for the John Deere 14T automatic pickup baler, contains information lubrication, operation, maintenance, and assembly. This is. This is the parts catalog for the John Deere 14 Twin Baler. This manual has exploded views of all the parts of the 14 series baler. An absolute must if you are . THIS IS A MANUAL PRODUCED BY JENSALES INC. JOHN DEERE AND IT’S SUCCESSORS John Deere 14T Automatic Baler with Power Take-Off.

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Smallest thing I’ve got that’s currently running has 50hp. This is the force necessary to hold the twine in the disk. Tucker fingers are the usuall culprit. I know haying isn’t supposed to be that much work!

Originally Posted by Mike What kind of twine are you using? It only likes the sisal twine. How is pull tension? Other trademarks on this page are the property of their respective owners. John Deere 14T baler prob We use the old fashion sisal twine I presume that the sisal you are using is good square bale twine. Are there sharp edges or nicks in the twine disk that may be cutting the twine instead of it being held onto? It has no problem with the baler. Is there a lot of dirt around the hay dogs in the bottom of the bale case.


I was gone to Little League finals and when I came home, it was working.

John Deere 14T Baler Manual | Farm Manuals Fast

Last year, it tied pretty jphn, out of 10 bales, maybe 1 wouldn’t tie. Slippery twine needs more clamping force. That’s all I use in my 14t.

Anyway, the problem is, our baler will not tie one side. Make sure they swing together and to the same maximum angle.

Secondly, go easy on me, I’m a gal!!! My old IH manul chokes on the new stuff. We’ve tried everything and nothing. Keep the conversation going until it gets working. The old balers don’t seem to like the new poly twine as it’s too slick. John Deere 14T baler prob Thanks for all the advice!! All times are GMT Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

My dad is deerr to lose his mind!!! Is there a partial knot formed or nothing at all? Gulliver is a bit far for a road trip, but you never know Have you checked my knotter video on YouTube?

No reason that plastic twine won’t work. John Deere 14T baler prob.

John Deere 14t Baler Operators Manual OME16470

Switching to sisal means you need haler reduce the twine holding forces. John Deere 14T baler prob What kind of twine are you using? Try reversing the twine bales and see if the problem moves to the other knotter. Then tell us what what the final solution.


Homepage Today’s Posts Search. As you roll it over by hand, check to see that all actions happen at about the same time. If they are good, then start looking at spring tensions: By that I mean: Second is at the twine disk. Thanks for the replies! Are the needles placing the twine properly in the twine disk? Having one working is a good place to start a comparison. The pull tension is adjusted by turning down the springs on the clamps.

Theres discussion on another thread about needing big tractors to run a sq baler. Thickness has no real bearing on its operation other than the stuff has to pass thru the needle eyes and the billhook tongue. There is no dimensional criteria in the knotter system. How much HP do you use to run yours effectively.

And it works pretty darn good on the ‘ weight. You need fish scale to measure it 15lbs Do you have it threaded properly? The time now is Is the billhook revolving?

Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Does the twine get pulled out of the twine disk not enough tension.