by Joël de Rosnay . Let us use the macroscope to direct a new look at nature, society, and man observes in the macroscope the organism that shelters it. May 27, Editions du Seuil, The complete book on a “The Macroscope” by Joël de Rosnay – Old but very good. Mar 30, The Macroscope: A New World of Scientific SystembyJoel de Rosnay.

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Zeke Viegas rated it really liked it Sep 20, The setting of objectives and rigorous control-as opposed to detailed programming at every step-is what differentiates a servomechanism from a rigidly programmed automatic machine.

The Macroscope: A New World Scientific System, by Joel de Rosnay et al. | The Online Books Page

To the opposition of analytic and systemic we must add the opposition of static vision and dynamic vision. Causality becomes circular and opens up to finality. Take a look at the graph of global sea level rise below, annotated to show how long each zone was exposed.

Duration and irreversibility enter as basic dimensions macrsocope the nature of phenomena. In fact such definitions, as we said, are too general to be truly useful.

Biologists in Germany and the Czech Republic discovered this amazing and previously unsuspected phenomenon not by sensing brainwaves or measuring body chemistry but by “analysis of satellite images, field observations, and measuring ‘deer beds’ in snow.

The maintenance of equilibrium requires tight control.

Noting that Neanderthals lived primarily in places that are iodine deficient today, I spent several years investigating iodine in human evolution. It reveals and enriches itself only in the indirect illumination of the many clusters of analogous, modeled and metaphoric expression.

All that counts is physical time and reversible phenomena. It was born in the course of the last thirty years from the cross-fertilization of several disciplines- biology, information theory, cybernetics, macrroscope systems theory.


Confronted with complexity and interdependence, we all use rodnay analogical models. The difference between flow variables and state variables is illustrated perfectly by the difference between the profit and loss statement and the balance sheet of a firm.

The goal of these modifications is to maintain the internal balances. In the forties the first step forward led from the machine to the living organism, transferring from one to the other the ideas of feedback and finality and opening the way for automation and computers Fig.

Ecology The Economics of Nature: These are important concepts that we must examine.

The Macroscope: A New World Scientific System by Joël de Rosnay (1 star ratings)

The programming of the machine must foresee all disturbances likely to occur in the course of operation. There are as many steady states as there are levels of equilibrium at different depths of a reservoir.

We jole that the purpose of a machine has been defined and specified by man; but how does one speak of the purpose of a system like the cell? The systemic approach rests on the conception of system. Interaction between user and model develops a feeling of the effect of interdependencies and makes it possible to anticipate better the reactions of the models.

The Macroscope : A New World Scientific System

In the General Systems Yearbooks began to appear; their influence was to be profound on all those who sought to expand the cybernetic approach to social systems and the industrial firm in particular. Divergence; The Final Explanation: Instead of modifying one variable at a time it uses a computer to set in motion simultaneously groups of variables in order to produce a real- life situation.

Variety, however, is one of the conditions for the stability of a system. Gilles rated it it was amazing Mar 08, One of the advantages of simulation is that it allows the more rapid acquisition of these fundamental mechanisms. To obtain a short-term action, a stabilizing loop or an overlapping series of feedback loops is often “cut open”-in the belief that one is acting directly on the causes in order to control the effects. We are entering a new scientific era that may be every bit as exciting and enlightening as the revolutions prompted earlier by the microscope and telescope.


These measures must be carefully proportioned in their relationships and applied simultaneously at different points of influence. T can be changed to-T without modifying the phenomena under study. Others did reach the same conclusion—LilienthalDeBrahmSnider-Pellegrini —always based on the fit of coasts, but all were ignored or dismissed until Alfred Wegener in In the same way the leader of an organization must help his own system to distribute its operating energy.

If it cannot return to its former state of homeostatic equilibrium, the system, through the complementary play of positive and negative feedback loops, searches for new points of equilibrium and new stationary states.

It is the membrane of a cell, the skin of a body, the walls of a city, the borders of a country. This process is produced either by the confrontation of the system with random disturbances from the environment mutations, events, “noise” or in the course of readjustment of an imbalance resulting, for example, from too rapid growth.

Le Macroscope: Vers Une Vision Globale (Points ; 80)

Figure 43 brings together the researchers and teams mentioned in the preceding pages and recalls the main lines of thought opened up by their work. This is the cause of sometimes dramatic errors in medicine, economy, and ecology.

Juan Carlos Carvajal rated it liked it Mar 11,