Dream Boy: A Novel [Jim Grimsley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Struggling with sexual abuse from his father and his mother’s denial. Dream Boy: A Novel [Jim Grimsley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. ALA Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual Book Award. DREAM BOY confirms the. Dream Boy: A Novel [Jim Grimsley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A prizewinning playwright shares the stunning and heartbreaking.

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Then there were on the middle, the swimming, Roy more affectionate on Nathan, Burke being an idiot and hints that something will go terribly wrong.


But as I am the person who doesn’t believe in life after death, heaven and miracles, there is nothing good at all in the ending of the story. Right from the beginning I knew something was going to happen but for me the darkness when it came was not just from one person. The book ending was in fact different from the film.

I don’t now why but if they had been Mr.

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I also ‘loved’ that Nathan’s parents were just Mom and Dad. It deals with trauma, torture, incest and molestation.

Roy and Nathan are neighbors and the attraction is immediate and profound. To me, a horrible part of it was a dream and when he woke up, Nathan has found his happiness. For me it seems as if Nathan was jom much alive at the end or maybe he wasn’t but whatever happened he gave Roy the chance to drea, his small town where horror happens behind closed doors. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


I am perturbed that the character who “died” was somehow “alive” and that they ran away. I had no clue what I was left with when this story drew to a close. Whatever it is, the treatment is too perfunctory.

I think it depends on your beliefs as to how you view the ending. And so this is how I have seen the story. But funnily enough I enjoyed the writing. I have to think about it some more and leave thus vague.

Dream Boy by Jim Grimsley

The fact that Nathan seemed to be sexually advanced and was sleeping with his clothes on in case he had to run indicated to me that he was abused by his father.

The distrust Nathan feels is even transmitted in our view of Roy. I wanted to shake her!

I have rarely read a book that touched me so close grimsleh my core. It hammers the plot into you. It seems to be clinical, curt, does not let you out of its grip and does not use overtly poetic images.


The distrust Nathan feels Powerful silent imagery Share your thoughts with other customers. It isn’t portrayed in any detail but it is implied in the actions and words of the characters. Actually, I felt extremely cheated and angry that the author would do such a thing.

I can confidently say I’ll be adding this to my mental list of favorites.

The writing in this book is beautiful. Nathan se verlede, die genot weens sy ontwikkelende verhouding met Roy drram die kampeertog word met ewe veel besonderhede vanuit die vertellersoogpunt oorgedra.

Such a beautiful, deeply emotional, poignant and touching piece of prose!. The final nine chapters, some as jom as half a page, present a spiritual, open ended denouement that offers a whisper of hope for those of us still haunted and despairing.

Roy Connelly is a senior at Nathan’s high school where Nathan is a freshman. But what remains then? We are left to dream the ending for ourselves.

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