There are several passages in the Talmud which are believed by some scholars to be . In , Peter Schäfer wrote Jesus in the Talmud in which he tried to find a middle ground between “anti-Jewish Christian” and “apologetic Jewish”. Growing from a seminar co-taught with Israel Yuval at Princeton University, Peter Schäfer’s. Jesus in the Talmud reviews well-trodden territory but derives new. Full text of “Peter Schäfer Jesus In The Talmud” Oxfordshire 0X20 1SY All Rights Reserved Schafer, Peter, — Jesus in the Talmud / Peter Schafer, p. cm.

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Jesus in the Talmud

Moreover and most conspicuously, quite un- like the infamous disputations in the Middle Ages, in which the outcome was always a foregone conclusion in favor of the Christians, in this dispu- tation the Jews prevail. This leaves us with either the sinners of Israel or the heretics as the appropriate category for Jesus. Dec 04, Steefen rated it liked it Shelves: I will demon- strate that this message was possible only under the specific historical cir- cumstances in Sasanian Babylonia, with a Jewish community that lived in relative freedom, at least with regard to Christians — quite different from conditions in Roman and Byzantine Palestine, with Christianity becom- ing an ever more visible and aggressive political power.

Go and attack them in that world [on earth] and you will be on top, as it is written: On Sabbath eve and 10 the eve of Passover Jesus the Nazarene 11 was hanged telauhu.

Our Bavli editor did not know and did not care much about Christian worship and identified the idolatry of Jesus with what he regarded as idolatry in his Babylonian milieu— brick worship.

The verse, which Eleazar did not have time to quote, states: Or do you also Chapter 9 condemn our customs and morals? The bad son who spoils his food by leading an indecent life turns out to be the true son of his adulterous mother, ac- cording to the motto: Josephus, A ntiquitates Apol.

Sanhedrin 43a [77] relates the trial and execution of a sorcerer named Jesus Yeshu in Hebrew and his five disciples. In other words, Aqiva does not prohibit the custom of healing by whispering secret names over a wound as such but only if it was practiced by a heretic who does not belong to the community of Israel. And obvi- ously none of the players in our story ever doubted the effectiveness of the word to be used by Jacob: Dama] said to him [Ishmael]: The fact that I accept most of the relevant sources as referring to Jesus and his family, particularly his motherdoes not, by any means, assume the his- toricity of these sources.


They subvert the Christian idea of Jesus’ resurrection and insist he got the punishment he deserved in hell–and that a similar fate awaits his followers. Both crimes are explained in full detail in Mishna Peted They ridicule Jesus’ birth from a virgin, as maintained by the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, and they contest fervently the claim that Jesus is petwr Messiah and the Son of God.

Moreover, several rabbinic sources do mention Jesus as the son of Pandera29 and it can be safely as- sumed, therefore, that the Talmud presupposes the knowledge of this identity.

Peter Schäfer Jesus In The Talmud

For he was close to the government. It would be a fruitless exercise to seek to peger up the birthright of certain ideas and suggestions, but I do not hesitate to acknowledge gladly and gratefully that this book in its present form could not have been written without the experience of this joint enter- prise.

You can do with me whatever you want, and even if you execute me — I will soon appear before the face of God in heaven, in other words: On Sabbath eve and the eve of Passover, Jesus the Nazarene was hanged and a herald went forth before him forty days heralding, “Jesus the Nazarene is going forth to be stoned because he practiced sorcery and instigated and seduced Israel to idolatry. Go and attack them in that world and you will be at the top as it is written, Her adversaries are become the head etc.

Second, the incredulous Jews contesting precisely this grotesque claim that Jesus can demand from his followers to eat his flesh: For Naqqai, the defense verse Exodus For transgressing the hedge or fence that we erected around the Torah jexus results in death.


Full text of “Peter Schäfer Jesus In The Talmud”

For I am your image. As a bastard, Jesus belongs to the community of Israel only in a limited sense.

Peter Schafer’s book added to what I learned having read Constantine txlmud Great: Accordingly, he is most severely pun- ished with the worst punishment the rabbis have at their disposal and which, as many scholars have observed, is completely out of proportion to the importance of the halakhic jeeus — excommunication: It is not written here in Deut.

As he Rabbi Yehoshua ben Perachya came they went up to a lodge, they -at the lodge stood for him with exemplary honor and did for him extended goodness.

Jesus in the Talmud – Wikipedia

Egypt was regarded in antiquity as the classical land perer magic, 35 and Jesus is portrayed in the New Testament 36 as well as in rabbinic sources 37 as someone with super- natural powers healing, commanding the demons, etc. The Talmud could again have inverted this New Testament story ib insinuated that Jesus indeed knew her— but not in order to for- give her her sins and to unmask the Pharisees; rather, he knew her for what she really was a prostitute because he had an affair with her.

Our rabbis taught Jesus the Schager had five disciples, and these are they: In this book of Peter Schafer, one reason for Jesus’ execution is that Christianity led Jews into idolatry. Advocates for the Catholic Church alleged that the Talmud contained blasphemous references to Jesus and his mother, Mary. I am you, and you are I. Teppler, Susan Ln S.

What do these two— Jesus and the Talmud — have in common? Includes an Ironic Counterpart to Christian Charges of Jewish Deicide Agree with this author or not, he is no intellectual lightweight.

It shows how the rabbis were well aware of the content of the gospels.