JCS 1779 PDF

JCS 1779 PDF

Juni In , Morgenthau proposed the Morgenthau Plan for postwar Germany, calling for Germany to lose the heavy industry, and the Ruhr area. It took over two months for General Clay to overcome continued resistance to the new directive JCS , but on July 10, , it was finally. was superseded by the more accommodative JCS The first American Military Government Commander in Germany was. Dwight D. Eisenhower (of World.

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Byrnes on September 6, You will take no steps designed to maintain, strengthen or operate the German financial structure except in so far as may be necessary for 1779 purposes specified in this directive.

Colonel John Boettiger who worked in the War Department explained to Morgenthau how the American troops who had had to fight for five weeks against fierce German resistance to capture jccs city of Aachen had complained to him that the Morgenthau Plan was “worth thirty divisions to the Germans. Supplemental directives will be issued to you by the Joint Chiefs of Staff as may be required. The Control Council should jcw centralized control over all trade in goods and services with foreign countries.

A Handbook for Military Government in Germany was ready in Augustit was an occupation document which advocated a quick restoration of normal life for the German people and reconstruction of Germany.

Morgenthau Plan – Wikipedia

Prohibit, except as authorized by regulation or license, all dealings in gold, silver, foreign exchange, and all foreign exchange transactions of any kind. The military government personnel in each zone, including those dealing with regional and local branches of the departments of any central German administrative machinery, shall be selected by authority of the Commander of that zone except that liaison officers may be furnished by the Commanders of the other three zones.

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The Reichsbank, the Rentenbank or any other bank or agency may be permitted or required to issue bank notes and currency which will be legal tender; without such authorization no German governmental or private bank or agency will be permitted to issue bank notes or currency. Consistent with military necessity, all religious institutions will be respected.

Thursday, January 20, The Morgenthau Plan for deliberate deindustrialization and starvation of Germany. Berlin in Modern Europe: You will initiate appropriate surveys which ncs assist you in achieving the objectives of the occupation. Too many people here and in England hold the view that the German people as a whole are not responsible for what has taken place — that only a few Nazis are responsible.

You will endeavor to obtain prompt agreement in the Control Council to the making of similar surveys in the other zones of occupation, and you will urge appropriate steps to coordinate the methods and results of these and jvs future surveys conducted in the various zones.

Morgenthau Plan

Goebbels the best possible chance. To the extent that military interests are not prejudiced and subject to the provisions of the three preceding subparagraphs and of paragraph 10, freedom of speech, press and religious worship will be permitted.

Argumente gegen rechtsextreme Vorurteile [Arguments against right-wing extremist prejudices in German. You will assure that such measures are taken in your own zone pending agreement in the Control Council. With the exception of the Reichshriminalpolizei Criminal Police all elements of the Sicherheitspolizei Security Policee. In addition to the physical barriers that had to be overcome, for the German economic recovery there were also intellectual challenges.

Eisenhowerthe Military Governor of the Jvs Occupation Zoneapproved the distribution of free copies of the book to American military officials in occupied Germany. No action will be taken in execution of the reparations program or otherwise which would tend to support basic living conditions in Germany or in your zone on a higher level than that existing in any one of the neighboring United Nations.


You will hold the German authorities responsible for taking such measures in the field of taxation and other fields of public finance, including restoration of the tax system and maintenance of tax revenues, as will further the accomplishment of the objectives stated in paragraphs 4 and 5.

Germany needed to be punished for wrongdoing, but it was also essential to revive the German economy for its necessary contribution to European recovery.

Subject to military security and the interests of the individuals concerned, you will release all persons found within your zone who have been detained or placed in custody on grounds of race, nationality, creed or political opinions and treat them as displaced persons.

It was cut out from Germany and its resources put under French control. Churchill was not inclined to support the hcs, saying “England would be chained to a dead body. Living conditions were considered worse in than in or The Control Council should adopt a policy permitting the conversion of facilities other than those mentioned in paragraphs 30 and 32 to the production of light consumer goods, provided that such conversion does not prejudice the subsequent removal of plant and equipment on reparation account and does jca require any imports beyond those necessary for the purposes specified in paragraphs 4 and 5 of this directive.

Conference Proceedings [ Berlin im Europa der Neuzeit: Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Press p.

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William Clayton reported to Washington that “millions of people jca slowly starving”. To effectuate these purposes the Control Council should. Posted by N N. Foundation and Applications of the Situation-Structural Approach ].