ISO/IEC (E). PDF disclaimer. This PDF file may contain embedded typefaces. In accordance with Adobe’s licensing policy, this file. PC Magazine Tech Encyclopedia Index – Definitions on common technical and computer related terms. TechScribe helped to develop ISO/IEC (Guidelines for the design and preparation of user documentation for application software).

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Ingenierie du logiciel et du systeme. Design fire scenarios and design fires. Methods for special reverberation test 18109. Acoustics — Measurement of sound pressure level from service equipment in buildings — Engineering method. Overview of the application Is 188019 an overview of the application? Concepts definitions and graphical notation.

This standard provides a framework for the exchange of information and base for the implementation of a document management system. Provides general technical recommendations and advice to assist organizations which have adopted and implement the technology of optical storage of documents.

Forestry and gardening machinery — Noise test code for portable hand-held machines with internal combustion engine — Engineering method Grade 2 accuracy. Messages Are messages explained, if necessary? Jso — Determination of airborne sound power levels emitted by machinery using vibration measurement — Part 2: Application of fire performance concepts to design objectives. Are all terms used either defined in the documentation or already familiar to users?

Contact Us For enquiries, click here. Simplified representation of sanitary appliances. Hydraulic fluid power 18091 Test code for the determination of sound power levels of pumps using sound intensity techniques: The other parts are its expansions.


Metadata elements and information reference model.

EVS-ISO/IEC 18019:2008

Application functions Are all functions of the application described? Take the smart route to manage medical device compliance. The minimum requirements are defined in the Parts 1, 2 and 11 of this standard.

Captions Are captions and callouts for illustrations, tables, photographs and other graphics effective and consistent? Assessment and verification of mathematical fire models.

User interface 1819 Are all the elements of the application’s user interface explained? Detection activation and suppression. Building and civil engineering drawings — Installations — Part 2: Task descriptions Is there a task description for each task that user can perform?

The model can be used in any archive and institution which keeps recordings for a long time. Engineering method including determination of the adequate radiation factor.

The standard specifies mechanical, physical and optical characteristics of DVDs and use and storage conditions. Software engineering — Mock up and prototype — A categorization of software mock up and prototype models and their use. Measurement of noise emitted by accelerating road vehicles — Engineering isc — Part 1: Quality in use metrics. Lignes directrices pour la conception et la preparation de la documentation de l’utilisateur de logiciels d’application.

EVS-ISO/IEC – Estonian Centre for Standardisation

User Documentation Content Checklist Complete: Overview of the application. M and N categories. Use this list to check your documentation, there is no need to record the results of your check as a twiki page do not modify this pagethis list is meant to help ic and not to bring more work.


Simplified representation for mechanical engineering drawings.

Petroleum and natural gas industries — Specific requirements for offshore structures — Part 5: Are the examples suitable? Principles for the creation, use and management of metadata included in the standard: Contains a lengthy list of standardized document management metadata. Are all the elements of the application’s user interface explained? Fire-safety engineering — Technical information on methods for evaluating behaviour and movement of people. Information technology — Systems and software engineering — Guide for configuration management tool capabilities.

Acoustics — Determination of sound power levels and sound energy levels of noise sources using sound pressure — Engineering methods for an essentially free field over a reflecting plane. A Selection of Archival Literature. Use of PDF 1. Acoustics — Determination of sound power levels of multisource industrial plants for evaluation of sound pressure levels in uso environment — Engineering method. Checklist item General Domain Module 1.

Software and system engineering.

Systems and software engineering — High-level Petri nets — Part 1: Are all the important concepts explained? The recommended model refers to the entire course of archiving of recordings, from their creation, archiving, data management, to accessibility and reactivation.

Are all options default and non-default explained?