WHEN AFFIRMATIVE ACTION WAS WHITE An Untold History of Racial Inequality in Twentieth-Century America. By Ira Katznelson. pp. When Affirmative Action Was White has ratings and 81 reviews. ” penetrating new analysis” (New York Times Book Review) Ira Katznelson fundamentally. When Affirmative Action Was White: An Untold History of Racial Inequality in One can speculate that Ira Katznelson has been listening to some version of this .

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How nearly every aspect of the New Deal was crafted and controlled by Southern racists, however, is a story that is important and must be told. Feb 18, Marcella Wigg rated it really liked it Shelves: Katz argues that we usually begin our histories of AA in the ‘s when government programs started to encourage, and sometimes require, quotas or race-conscious admissions to universities, gov’t employment, etc. Aug 13, Logan rated it really liked it Shelves: This process could go back a while: Retrospectively, we can also see how Johnson’s speech anticipated Powell’s standards.

Policy Papers

A speech by Kafznelson Johnson to Howard University serves to frame the broader discussion about our failure to support African Americans through the New Deal and also serves as a launch point for Katnelson’s prescriptions for Affirmative Action programs going forward.

Dec 17, Donna Bijas rated it liked it Shelves: When Affirmative Action Was White: I wish young people today would read this book. Anyone interested in issues of race, class, and justice.

By taking these steps, he fulfilled Justice Powell’s second stipulation. It also traces how inequality, in fact, increased at the insistence of southern representatives in Congress, while their katznlson congressional colleagues were complicit.

Social Security, from which the majority of blacks were excluded until well into the s, quickly became the country’s most important social legislation. Ira Katznelson Limited preview – Katznelson believes that this history is important to remind the public of, because it illustrates that the majority of blacks in the country today and their children have been hurt by racially biased government policies and policy implementation.


On the downside, the book does affiemative like a scholarly paper or textbook, with academically-welcome but affirmattive exactly riveting deep dives into the likes of the Taft Hartley Act making it a slow read at times. A renewed and extended program of affirmative action could respond to such ‘non-racial racism’ by creating programs that cross racial lines even while being directed primarily at the rectification of afvirmative injustice.

When Affirmative Action Was White | W. W. Norton & Company

This does not mean that they necessarily had to experience a specific act of discrimination directly. Papers by Theme Select Theme Business and finance Charities and civil society Culture, media afcirmative sport Defence and security Devolution and local government Economy and taxation Education Environment European Union Families and children Farming and food Housing and planning International perspectives International trade and development Law and justice Local government and services Medicine and public health Migration and identity Power and politics Public history Public services and social policy Technology, science and infrastructure The United Kingdom Trade Unions and Employment.

And if you haven’t been paying attention lately, it’s not just getting better with time. For without an unsentimental historical understanding of the policy roots of black isolation and dispossession, the response to the disaster in the Kagznelson states will remain no more than a gesture.

Very crucial book that should be read by all. whits

They provide the content Powell requires to justify acts of official rectification. The central thesis of this text is that racial disparities between whites and Black peoples in the US for a variety of outcomes e.

The book is full of a great number of details which bogged me down at times, but it is still worth the read. By contrast, Lyndon Johnson depicted policies for racial equity that would target ‘the poor, the unemployed, the uprooted, and the dispossessed.


It was fascinating and horrifying to see how and why programs running from the New D Really academic but informative book This book has been touted recently in light of news on affirmative action so it seemed like a good candidate to borrow from the library.

This book should place the affirmative action debate in a better historical context since it illustrates only some of the few ways America bolstered the economic prospects of its White Citizens and neglected Blacks almost wholesale. When affirmative action was white Ira Katznelson 10 November Tweet. Common terms and phrases administration affirmative action African Americans agricultural armed forces Army Bakke benefits black Americans black soldiers black veterans Board Chicago Cited civil rights colleges color Committee Congress country’s Deal Democratic Party despite discrimination economic employers employment equal exclusion Fair Labor Standards families federal government FLSA G.

When affirmative action was white | History and Policy

Bill to FHA loans for homes, whites benefited from these actlon precisely because blacks were restricted from accessing them. I learned a great deal reading this book although the novel read more like a detailed essay than anything else.

Segregation in the armed forces meant that whites received vastly preferential access to job training, compared to blacks who were shunted into dishwashing and other menial tasks.

He needed to broaden the sources he considered beyond these documents to include personal diaries, etc. This tie between past action and present policy has to be strong and precise. Similar processes repeated themselves throughout the next 2 decades.