Ingo Douglas Swann was a claimed psychic, artist, and author known for being the co-creator, .. The raw data comprised only four pages, but according to Swann, the confirmatory data appeared throughout the published scientific and. Compliment to – Entire Ingo Swann Database – Free ebook download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. 00 Reference Materials For Ingo Swann’s IRVA Lecture 00 Ingo Swann Extraterrestrial Telepathy And Biopsychic Sexuality Ingo Swann Database.

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Federal Government to determine any potential military application of psychic phenomena. He made no mention of the many moons of Jupiter, which as of February counted Swann’s transcript contained in “Mind-Reach: A psychologist, either Bonnie Preskari or Carole K.

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Puthoff asked Swann, “Did you do that too? Swann sat just beneath the target tray. Much to the gaping amazement of NASA scientists, all of his observations were later proved to be correct by probes sent to these planets.

Log in or sign up in seconds. The physical evidence indicates the free response method. The Voyager probe later confirmed the existence of the rings of Jupiteralthough these rings are not in the planet’s atmosphere. So why is Ingo Swann ignored by publishers and forced to publish his astounding life story on the Internet?


Entire-Ingo-Swann-Database – The Paranormal Society

I know many wont read the whole thing, but there are some great bits of info in there! Swann reported that out of the twenty-five criminal cases he worked between andtwenty-two were flops and three were successes. Swann was a claimed psychic who called himself a “consciousness researcher” who had sometimes experienced “altered states of consciousness.

What would you say were the top three things in this database that blew your mind? Heberd denies he told James Randi that he never suggested it. Swann, Ingo He is no doubt moving into the other realms with grace. According to Swann, his ability to see Jupiter took about three and a half minutes.

Indeed, experiments not controlled by Swann have not been successful, and they are rarely mentioned, and if so, only in passing. Put simply, for there is no other way to put it, the superpowers of the human biomind are defined as those indwelling faculties of our species which can transcend space and time as one major category of activity, and energy and matter as another major category.


Ingo Swann

Then there are different versions of the following events. Swann said his feats frightened some doctoral candidates, claiming that two “virtually ran” from the room and one collided with a “totally visible” catabase support.

Targ and Puthoff were positive “Something was happening, but they are not clear what it is. Submit a new text post. Awareness and the Superpowers vs A Conspiracy?

At first they resisted, for the resulting descriptions would be impossible to verify. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Life Energies and the Physics of Paranormal Phenomena. They’re made of very large grade crystals, so they slide.

I can not confirm this, but believe it to be true.

In which he wrote over pages worth of essays. Submit a new link. It was decided that all of these should be swabn in their entirety to ensure that no scientific passage was inadvertently used out of context.

The main objectives of psychotronics were to verify and study the phenomena of telepathy, clairvoyance and psychokinesis.