IBM’s technical support resource for all IBM products and services including downloads, fixes, drivers, APARs, product documentation, Redbooks, whitepapers. IBM Storage at-a-glance guide. The DS series IBM System Storage DS Express Single Controller Storage System. A2D. IBM System Storage DS and EXP Storage Subsystem. DS Storage pdf Storage IBM System Storage DS Express Quick Reference Manual.

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Unlock the SFP module latch: Standby power LED green Future use only. Vor der Installation dieses Produkts manuql Sicherheitshinweise lesen.

Slide the battery unit out of the controller in the direction that is indicated by the arrow.


The hot-swap drive bays that are accessible from the front of the Ib, storage subsystem and EXP storage enclosure are shown in Figure 2. When you handle static-sensitive devices, take precautions to avoid damage from static electricity. For more information, see the download instructions on page 1. Each controller supports one v Minimum configuration: Air enters at the front of the DS storage subsystem and EXP storage enclosure and leaves at the back. I did not find any switch to push and in Storage management software there is not any option to shutdown.


To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Removing A Hard Disk Drive 1. Turn off the V disconnect device.

IBM DS3500 Introduction And Implementation Manual: Ds3512 And Ds3524 Components; Raid Controller

Each controller contains 1 GB of cache memory that can be upgraded to manuwl GB. Page Ensure that the power switch is turned to the on position. Replacing a DC power-fan controller in the DS controller-drive enclosure Before you start to replace the power-fan controller in the controller-drive enclosure, gather anti-static protection and a replacement DC bim controller.

Page interruption is caused by removing the battery from the controller chassis, resetting the power to the storage subsystem, or if a storage enclosure or battery overheats.

Page 14 Refer to the information that is provided with your device for electrical specifications. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the second power supply. However, this method is more risky because you can lose data if the drive restoration or storage subsystem reconfiguration process fails. Save the profile to a server disk that will remain accessible in case of a DS storage configuration failure.

Page 76 – Direct out-of-band managed storage sub After you remove a controller, wait 70 seconds before you reseat or replace the controller. United States, see http: Do not remove the failed power supply from the storage ibn until you: Page Page – Sample command: Ensure that the power on-off switch on both of the dc power supply and fan units in the chassis are in the off position.


IBM DS3500 Installation, User’s, And Maintenance Manual

Save the filler panel for later use. Use manuaal same steps as above, but in the reverse order. Troubleshooting continued Problem indicator Component Possible cause Possible solutions Amber LED is lit storage Unsupported Controller configurations do not continued controller fault controller match.

Make a copy of this table before you record information in it, in case you need extra space to write new values later, or when you update the configuration. Don’t show me this message again. Fibre Channel Port Leds Table To cable a dual-controller DS to a storage enclosure, connect them as shown in Figure 40 on page Make sure the system is manuql optimal mode, collect support dataand clear event log.