Alert 13 – 17 Fall From Heights Results in Fatality. Alert 14 – 19 Dropped Object Results in Near Miss. Alert Crown Saver Device – Near Miss.

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Gary Ibbotson May 10, at Improper Tool Selection Results in Injury. Please send me Safety alerts to discuss with crews on rig as a learning and so that it is not repeated again. High Pressure Release of Trapped Nitrogen. Unrecognized Hazard Results in Laceration to Leg.

Blocks Drop alertx Rig Floor. Horseplay Results in Injuries. Please send safety alerts to my email listed above so that I can add to my safety meeting.

IADC Safety Posters

Fatality — Fall from Derrick Ladder. Proper Use of Cotter Pins.

MTO — Struck by the Tongs. High Pressure Hose Safety. Unsecured Cover Fractures Arm. Large Container Lifted by Helicopter Downdraft. Improper tool Selection Results in Injury. Stabbing Board Related Incidents. Dropped Object from Derrick — Near Miss. Drift Dropped from Derrick. Arun Kumar Bandyopadhyay Mar 30, at All distributed Safety Alerts are kept anonymous.


Rig Tong Snub Lines. Trapped Pressure Following Casing Test.

Safety Alerts – IADC – International Association of Drilling Contractors

Rig Floor Winch Incident. Can you please share the BBS presenation with aafety. Diverter Equipment — High Potential Consequences. Surface Detonation of Perforating Gun.

Dropped Object — Rigging screw Jaw End. Nitrogen Bottles Improperly Filled. Derrickman Falls Across Derrick. Mast Raising Line Faiulre. Michael Jan 13, at Dropped Accumulator Bottle Results in a Fatality. Please, send me the latest safety alerts. Go to for safety alerts http: Handrail Inspections and Safety.

Please send my safety alerts to my email address. Please send me safety alerts and presentations to share with my crews on the rig. More on Mismatched Hammer Unions. More on Casing Safety. I appreciate the input from others industry wide in sharing updated safety information as it pertains to offshore drilling and production.

Gardner Denver Safety Notice. High Potential Dropped Object. Serious Injury Results from Fall from Ladder. Dropped Object from Derrick. Employee Slipped While going Down Stairs.


Wrong Load Causes Crane Collapse.

Dropped Object — Crane Boom Lattice. Hi, i would like to receive safety alert with you. Fast Line Guide Roller.

Alert 15-04 Finger Injury Leads to LTI

Serious Fire Extinguisher Alert. Near Miss — Crownout. Holes in Decks or Walkways. Near Miss — Dropped Tong Weight.

IADC Safety Posters – IADC – International Association of Drilling Contractors

Kelly Disconnects from Hook. Near Miss — Pressurization of a Tote Tank. Foot Caught in Drawworks Braking System.