specifications at the end of the Operation Manual. Since the service life of The main unit for the HVS series is HVSHS. The following. For-a Hvshs Manual. HVS / – HD/SD Portable Video Switcher, HVS- – 3G/HD/SD 2M/E Video. Switcher, HVSHS – HD/SD M/E Video. A HVSHS Type A M/E Switcher featuring 8 HD/SD-SDI Inputs HVS- 35OU M/E Control Panel; Manual; AC Cord; Rack Mount Brackets; BNC Cable .

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Reboot And Initialize How to Verify Version Turn F3 to select KEY. Changing Settings or Values Using the Joystick Users can also manuual the joystick to set position, size and color settings to specific parameters. Sequence Operation Examples If damage has occurred, or items are missing, inform your supplier immediately.

To cancel the operation, press F4. The switcher can manage only one salvo. Copying and Deleting Steps This lets you make various settings while viewing the picture. Each sequence is composed of video frames called steps. A group consists of one master output and up to three slave outputs. Refer to main manual pages for details about functions.

For.A HVSHS Type A M/E Switcher HVSHS TYPE A B&H

The preview bus output can be assigned to, however, an auxiliary output. There are three different types.

Transition Rate The transition rate setting determines how long the transition takes in frames to complete. Page 7 Installing the AC Cord Retaining Clip 1 Insert both ends of the retaining clip into the holes on the sides of the hexagon head screws. Menu Access Buttons Press the MENU button below, which changes the buttons in the Keypad block to the mnual buttons, and then press the buttons on the Keypad to access menus.


Gpi In Connector Signal ground The pin assignment shown above is the factory default assignment.

maual Inserting Pinp Video No Longer Available Update Location close. Adding or Inserting Steps The operation example in this section shows how to recall “Sequence Memory 0” that was stored in sectionedit the sequence by adding and overwriting steps to create a new sequence with four steps, and store it to “Sequence Memory1. Assigning Router Control Function About This Manual The procedure example for changing the matte color by using keypad is as follows.

Supports 4-split, split and split display patterns. Each card has two output channels whose signals can be selected respectively in the menu as shown in the procedure below.

Specifications And Dimensions Proc Amp The switcher provides the following Proc Amp features. Users can select whether to apply frame synchronization to input signals or not for each of them as shown in the procedure below. With AUX transitions, you can display the video on a separate monitor.

Copying And Clearing Playlists Connecting Control and Remote Panels Safety Area Markers Various markers indicating the safety area, the center of the screen, and the aspect ratio can be displayed on the desired output. Video Clip Operation Quick Reference The PinP image will fade out and new PinP image will fade onto the screen. Changing Settings or Values by Using the Numeric Keypad Users can also use the keypad to input numerical settings to a menu.


Caution Disconnect power cord by connector only. Otherwise, the selected pattern will be applied the panel when pressing the number button.

You can easily set the events to be called up and the time to assist to the registered status, thereby avoiding the tedious task of using a sequence function that requires you to select pattern. Move the joystick up, down left and right to move the crosshair cursor onto the desired color. The setting procedures are almost the same as those maanual the control panel buttons.

FOR-A HVS-350HS Operation Manual

Setting Interpolation and Duration This section explains how to set the interpolation mode and the playback time using KEY1 as an example. The Switcher supports 2 channels of dedicated Picture-in-Picture PiP circuits that allow the picture to be enlarged, shrunk, repositioned, cropped, or given a border.

These limits are designed hvs-350ys provide reasonable protection against harmful interference when the equipment is operated in a commercial environment.