The book titled How to Judge a Horoscope by B.V. Raman: Volume 1 in English in PDF format. How to Judge a Horoscope is a departure from the conventional method of treatment of astrology. It is a study in the use of Horoscope in every man`s daily life. Bangalore B. V. Raman PREFACE TO NINTH EDITION How to Judge a Horoscope is a book on the practical or applied side of astrology.

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In the zodiac, Aries is the first house. Thus Jupiter and the Moon Considerations in Judging a House ll mutually aspecting or in mutual quadrants will also confer fame and dignity.

Mehrnaz marked it as to-read Apr 15, It is suggested in certain works that the following planets will not cause death, i The Sun and the Moon and ii the 9th lord.

Mithuna or Tto Chart No. As in the previous case the subject has risen from a humble existence. Bhagavad Gita 2 Vols.

How to Judge a Horoscope I by B.V. Raman

A planet may give a weak constitution but at the same time it may also produce financial and professional prosperity. Owing to their humanitarian doctrines they are prone to be misunderstood.

He will always be thinking of evil Concerning the First House 51 things. If Aries is afflicted they suffer from diseases pertaining to the head. Concerning the First House In the delineation of any house, it is the Bhava that is important and not the Rasi.

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How to Judge a Horoscope – B. V. Raman – Google Books

Pachiappan Ganesh marked it as to-read Jan 09, The rakan will be useful when predicting the results of Dasas. He will also acquire silver and goldware and other precious metals and stones according to the nature of the lord.

Lists with This Book. Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses: Daan and Other Giving traditions in India. Death occurred in the sub- period of Rahu in Daman Dasa. Saturn’s sub-period in Mars major period lasts till about April The native is rather unscrupulous. Kataka Cancer Rising Mental Tendencies — People born in this sign will be extremely sensitive, inquisitive, nervous and restless, interested in music and dexterous.

Sri B.V.Raman Books

If such a method did exist then the joy of using the discriminative faculties would be missed. The Maraka question, that is the determination of the source, nature, time and place of death, has been elaborately discussed in the second part of this book to be published in due course. I am grateful to the public for the interest they have been evincing by my writings and the patronage extended.

In addition to knowledge of astrology, one must also exercise discretion and common-sense coupled of course with a certain amount of intuition.

Occult tendencies are well marked.


Loves ujdge, art and elegance as Venus is in Lagna. It is from the breast that the baby suckles its nourishment while General Introduction 3 happiness and pleasure proceed from the mind. The Isvarapratyabhijnakarika of Utpaladeva. This has encouraged me to bring new books dealing with important aspects of astrology. There are other combinations which need not be mentioned here which made the native one of the world’s greatest personalities.

Of these several determinants above mentioned, planets in conjunction with lords of 2nd and 7th are the most powerful in causing death, while the lords themselves are least powerful.

The ancient Maharishis who have propounded the mles of astrology were sages of a high psychic development and examined terrestrial and celestial phenomena by their divine sight or Divya Drishti.

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How to Judge a Horoscope I

Deceit and disloyalty alone can break his heart. If the dispositions are adverse in Navamsa, he will lose respect and will be a victim of slander and will commit sinful acts. There are five planets in the 10th, a very powerful combination. He has a lot of endurance, latent power and energy. Thus the ascendant is bg in strength.