Decided that in fairness to the THD, s/n thread the IG should be I modified this IG a long time ago — looks like it’s in need of modding. This same upgrade can be performed on the IG, SG-. 18, and incorporated into your kit by Heathkit, depending on when your particular model was sold. Download HEATHKIT IG SINE-SQUARE AUDIO GENERATOR SM service manual & repair info for electronics experts.

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It originally seemed likely that the higher ratio was responsible for the low distortion performance of the HP oscillator. For the square wave generator, the CDB was substituted for the equivalent 74C14B, since the other chip was handy.

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The PCB files package includes: The PCB files package includes:. Remove the B and quite a few places have the 74C Let us know how it goes. Maybe you know the feeling—so many toys, so little time: I’d probably add plated iv-5218 holes with tiny pads to the top layer as well.

His write up on it is here. I wish they would indicate that on the “obsolete” page. You could suffer a fatal electrical shock! The board is intended for single-sided, DIY fabrication.

  74244 BUFFER PDF

The PCB layout, as seen in Eagle is at left.

Audio Generator IG-5218

Any help would be appreciated. Bottom view of the oscillator board wiring. The main concern about the diode is its forward characteristics. Dick also left out C32,46 and R29, though he and Larry think that these last three might be useful. Eagle generates errors if an error check is run on the board. Click on the image at left, for a high resolution pdf file, showing the silk- screen and topside jumper wires.

Looking for other manual?

We would very much like to hear, your results, if you have boards made with the files —ed. Note that this layout is intended for a single sided board.

Audio Generator IG Equipment Heathkit Brand, Heath Co.;

Click on it for higher resolution. After doing the layout, he fabricated his own, single- sided PCB and successfully built the working generator. Thank you, much appreciated.

Normally, the leads will be positioned on the opposite side from the lamp —ed.

Modifications: Heathkit IG Audio Generator

Eagle version-6 is required to open the. Also, Being a project nut, I have several small footprint toroidal transformers on hand. August 27, – The overall dimensions of the board are 5. These free programs can be found on this page: The topside traces shown in the BRD file are only to guide topside jumper installation.


Posted by Shawn S. Any recommendations for a board fabrication place that will do a run of one single sided board for a reasonable price. Adjust the pot for minimum second harmonic distortion.

As such, the topside traces are hethkit guide topside hand wiring and the silkscreen was for guidance, rather than application to the board. I hope that using your new IG gives you as much pleasure as using mine has given me. However, his measurement methods, while indirect, certainly make sense.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The schematic and the parts list in the construction notes have been updated to show the CDB as equivalent. Other specifications were not tested but the chips have similar speed ratings.

Before doing this project, I had gone through previous iterations of “greening” the critter, beginning way back in the seventies with an article from the Audio Amateur.

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