Aline Solness, Halvard’s wife, has become barren physically and emotionally, due to the tragedies that she has experienced. When her parents’ home and. Halvard Solness, the master builder. Although he is no longer young, he is evidently attractive to women: His wife, Aline, his bookkeeper, Kaia Fosli, and Hilda. Halvard Solness rose to his high position as a master builder because of a fire that had destroyed the ancestral estate of his wife’s family. On the site he built new.

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She will help Solness gain a glimpse of his former robust self as she leads him to his tragic fate. This tale has been told under various names until the Renaissance, when it became known as the Faust myth. Aline was shattered when the fire took all of her possessions, especially because she lost her precious dolls: Solness began by designing churches, then shifted to houses, and now designs houses with steeples; Ibsen, at the time the play was written, had gone through three similar phases, first writing Romantic plays, then realistic plays, and finally realistic plays with Romantic overtones like The Master Builder itself.

He appears stooped in the play, which reflects his inability to stand up to his boss and demand recognition. Rebecca is describing her own psychological turmoil, but her tone is clinical, as detached as a doctor describing a patient.

The Master Builder – Wikipedia

Solness admits that Kaja has fallen in love with him but insists that he wants her to stay only to keep Ragnar, whose work is valuable to him.

The more charitable reviews took Solness at his own assessment, as a madman, and decided the other two protagonists were mad as well.

If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. They died as a result.

Ibsen’s Master Builder

Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. One school of critics, clinging to the tenets of naturalism, interprets the play as a study in mental abnormality: He is restless, alienated, and afraid of being superseded by younger architects.


The obvious, phallic symbolism is subsumed in the traditional tragic symbolism of the solnrss and fall of overweening ambition.

Solness expresses a Faustian dread that he will have to pay for his good fortune. Hhalvard, her whole identity is wrapped up in the words: Solness, however, is ultimately unable to retain his sense of rejuvenation, and as his old fear of failure returns, he falls off the tower to his death.

An impression of more than human stature attaches itself to the fault-ridden human figure, and the philosophical ideas are not far away: Solness has led her to believe that he reciprocates her deep emotional love for him, but she is full of self-doubt.

He has been a commanding and dominant presence to those who come into his circle, cementing his reputation as master builder. In a key speech, he reflects on the halvardd of wishes:. Solnesss the controversy attached to Ghostswith its sensitive topic of inherited syphilisthe play’s reception in London was not favourable. He fails to base his oslness on solid foundations, so he is bound to fail and fall from his last climb. With every step ahead that I gambled on, it was as if something inside me cried out: Among the spectators standing aghast at the sight, only Hilda comes forward as if in silent triumph.

This sometimes comic play is overall a tragedy: As pathetic as that sounds, she is seeking a repeat of that very experience—to see Solness once again on high. More important, however, is what follows: In the late twentieth century, we hardly need to be told the sexual symbolism of climbing a tower, but to the audience of the time it would have seemed evocative and disturbing.

This truth never comes into question, and is always perfectly clear. He notes that the builder began as a poor country boy and now hapvard is at the top of his profession.

Halvard Solness : drama en tres actos

Dramatists like Henrik Ibsen discard traditional sentimental theatrical forms as they chronicle the strengths and weaknesses of ordinary people confronting difficult social problems, like the restrictive conventions nineteenth-century women suffered. The Galvard Group Database. When Hilda appears at the house with few possessions, Aline promptly buys her enough items to make her feel comfortable.


Bygmester Solness is a play by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen.

The Master Builder

Yet, somehow, his plans went awry. A German history of Dr. The humiliation his family suffered as they sold off most of their property to pay off debts became a dynamic in his later plays, especially in A Doll House and John Gabriel Borkman The setting is an ordinary bourgeois living room. Solness, afraid of heights, no longer climbs towers to plant celebratory wreaths on them.

Development of the film began in lates but Kumaran wanted the role of the master builder to be done by Mohanlal, and he had to wait for nearly two decades for Mohanlal to get the matured look of Halvard Solness. Unrealized Dream Hilde springs to life again and proceeds to dream of the Master Builder making her castle. The plays explored the intricacies of human behavior against the backdrop of a repressive society, a theme that would reemerge in his later work.

Influenced by the theories of Freud, playwrights like August Strindberg used nonrealistic devices that distorted and sometimes oversimplified human actions in order to explore the depths of the human mind. New York University Press. It was Raff who told Ibsen the story of the architect of St. Destiny, or fate, Solness thinks, is the cause of his success and, subsequently, the cause of his loneliness and unhappiness, along with the unhappiness of others around him.

Hilda is moved by her talk with Aline and tells Solness that she should leave. For example, she still wears black clothes splness mourning, even though her children died about twelve years ago. Only after that noble deed can the Master Builder realize that he can get along by himself. It is a powerfully dramatic conclusion, but it is not in any sense a psychological one.

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