I send you a good paper that prove my transformation and my quantization of gravity is completely right and agreed completely also with Hafele-Keating. The Hafele–Keating experiment was a test of the theory of relativity. In October , Joseph C. Hafele, a physicist, and Richard E. Keating, an. I teach physics, and I love the Hafele-Keating experiment as a way to introduce relativity. Because the experiment has a lot of charisma, it’s cool to be able to.

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This photo is from Time Magazine, October 18,where it appeared with “AP” written above the upper right corner. The predicted difference was Hafele and Keating Experiment “During October,four cesium atomic beam clocks were flown on regularly scheduled commercial jet flights around the world twice, once eastward and once westward, to test Einstein’s theory of relativity with macroscopic clocks.

Hafele–Keating experiment – Wikipedia

Leschiutta, Evidence for the earth gravitational shift by direct atomic-time-scale comparison, Il Nuovo Cimento B, 37B 2: An overall difference of Around the World Inexperimenters from the U. They flew twice around the world, first eastward, then westward, and compared the clocks against others that remained at the United States Naval Observatory.

The published outcome of the experiment was consistent with special and general relativity. But for our figure 3B the path length does not change for our laboratory observer since the loop is stationary in meating frame.

Modern hobbyist Tom Van Baak has done a truly amazing mountain-valley experiment of this flavor with a second-hand atomic clock in the family minivan. I personally do not consider the Sagnac effect relativistic simply because it involves time dilation – the concept of time dilation was not conceived of by Einstein, but rather by Lorentz and Larmor. They made airline flights around the world in both directions, each circuit taking about three days. For travel eastward, v has a positive sign and jeating shift will be negative aging more slowly.


Back keahing home, they each showed different times. Naval Observatory technicians George Luther and Bill Dabney boarding a commercial plane with an atomic clock. If he sends clocks around the loop, their rate of time will be slower in either direction.

I’m guessing that the top photo might be public domain, since the plane is a Navy plane.

Tests of general relativity Tests of special relativity Albert Einstein in science. The difference in the times compared to our hypothetical master clock would then be Now this relationship is just the reverse of the actual experiment, since we have assumed that the clock is at the center of the earth, whereas the actual clocks are in the frames which are moving with respect to the center.

Hafelea physicist, and Richard E. Physics 11, ]. In OctoberJoseph C. Fizeau experiment Sagnac experiment Michelson—Gale—Pearson experiment. The results were published in Science in Hafels by Perrett, W. If their motions were truly “relative”, then by the rules of SR both should arrive back at the starting point having experienced the same amount of time dilation in the same direction. Because the experiment has a lot of charisma, it’s cool to be able to show students photos of the men and the clocks aboard the plane.

Taking a “proper time” at the earth’s center as if the master clock were there, the time measured by a clock on the surface would be larger. Louiswas preparing notes for a physics lecture when he did a back-of-the-envelope calculation showing that an atomic clock aboard a commercial airliner should have sufficient precision to krating the hfaele relativistic effects.


Hafele–Keating experiment

A more complex and precise experiment of this kind was performed by a research group at the University of Maryland between September and January This version is shown below: Photos Hafele and Keating keting clocks [ Full resolution ] This photo is from Time Magazine, October 18,where it appeared with “AP” written above the upper right corner. Naval Observatory, then it is a public-domain product of the U. Contains some muddy reproductions of photos, e.

Keating’s approximate date of death in Filming with high frequency cameras oeating of atomic clocks could be a robust test of time dilation putting aside any wave hafsle with gravity, Sagnac effect or else. But for a westward flight the time shift is positive aging faster for the aircraft speeds involved.

Any biographical information about Hafele or Keating.

If it was taken by an employee of the U. An article from later in the decade, describing the golden age of experimental tests of general relativity during the lead-up to the construction of the GPS ketaing.

Historical photos and information about the Hafele-Keating experiment

If this was a snapshot taken by the crew or another passenger, then it is now in the public domain due to its publication without notice before Gilmore, keatin 63 years, why are they still testing Einstein?

Retrieved from ” https: Consider the diagram in Fig. In the Hafele—Keating experiment, there was a slight increase in gravitational potential due to altitude that tended to speed the clocks back up.