Dear Community,below you find the Community Calendar for October The color code for the events is the following: After the community. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. specialization It may not be step by step but its very well thought out.

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You will be able to send off the settlers before you run out of the bonuses. Our army is TTs big so that we often have enough TTs at home to send the list every hour. The Trapper is able to build traps which will capture attacking units, entirely blocking small attacks and severely weakening bigger attacks allowing your units to finish them gulda easily. After the community feedback we have changed the color code to make it more trwvian, we hope you like it. Often this is a mistake. Only build buildings that have a quest for.

Dont raid someone if you are loosing more resources dead troops than you are gaining.

Crannies give the most CP per used resource. When you get to the point where you have to send your hero out for an adventure, send him to the furthest one. MB, Market, Academy to level 10 each 3. Log in or sign up in seconds. Alright, now that we have level 2 resource tiles and gold available the plan is to get resource tiles up and then focus on getting the Gyida production up.

No matter what, rush to a market ASAP, then sim up your fields traviqn level and capture your two oases. No worries, all I had to do was translate this from my own guide.


Efficient starting guide (UK)

Additionally the more active you the higher cropper you should choose. Order of the tasks: Aiuto per Traviani In questo topic, potrete ricevere Aiuto per Traviani. Im a gaul player and currently have two villages with both about EW. There travina much more to Gauls than what I can cover here but the game wiki and the in game help function both have lots of stats and information to those who are interested to learn more about Gauls.

Now that you have resource production in a good shape you should do the following: Produces a lot of wheat. Pathfinder — Scout cavalry unit able to reveal information on your enemies and defend against enemy scouts attempting to do the same to you Ram — Siege weapon that is designed to take down the enemy wall Trebuchet — Siege weapon that can attack all the travizn buildings besides the wall damaging or destroying them Chieftain — Very expensive unit capable of capturing enemy villages Settler — Unit capable of settling another village.

Scout everyone near and far, and send many many raids consistently. If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. Most experienced players are also willing to help newer players out so ask them first if you need help with anything. Personally I use the hero to sim up the fields to level 9s in two or so days normal speed.

Without those details I’m not familiar of a guide that is just about general village development can give you a few pointers myself. The first thing we will want to do is get our village up and running, at the beginning it has essentially no structures and no resource income and we need to fix vuida.

Once you have started raiding your neighbors you want prepare to train your settlers. Now this is the point where things are starting to get mixed up depending on your own personal preferences. Its always frustrating to see a travjan queue useless buidlings for several hours when you realy need to build something crucial instead or to see you dual sending a big part of your units into death.


Robbers will be your main source of income for the first days so attack them as often as you can. Un esempio di costituzione per un miglior sviluppo e gestione di un’ally in Travian.

Travian: Legends Forum

He is also unlocked from the start of the game. Fields, WH, granary until fields are level 5 and WH level 8 2.

How to become a top ten raider? Make sure to never get your hero killed because you end up losing resources and therefore time. Che aspetti iscriverti e a participare allora!? If you have been very active and want to go defense 9c might be ideal and if you have less time to play consider going for 6c regardless of offense or defense.

Lastly you will want to consider distance from your starting village.

There is a decent margin of error that you can buida with for that. Once the town hall is complete you can settle your second village. The next step is to go for a level 10 residence and train 3 settlers. Travian defence tip against catapults Zydrunas 2 years ago. Submit a new text post.

A helpful gkida here is that any building can be instantly finished when it has less than 5 minutes left to build, use this to your advantage to build fast. Kuvankaappauksen tarjoaa Lightshot Produces a lot of wheat.