The Golden Legend has ratings and 15 reviews. Alex said: The Penguin translation is BAD. No footnotes, they omitted some very important saints in lie. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only once a year. Compiled by Jacobus de Voragine, Archbishop of Genoa, First Edition Published Theoteinus, a learned man, wrote her legend. And he said to the priests of the idols that the gold and silver that was set about the idols had.

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Thomas of Canterbury, we shall shortly rehearse unto the laud and praising of Almighty God, then in the fiftieth year after his passion, which legenv the year of jubilee, that is of remission. Dominic82 The Life of S. I have showed you what he voragkne against me, not in words but in deeds, for where he promised angels to come against me he brought dogs, thereby he showeth that he hath none angels but dogs.

And he said that he was led to see the holy order of godlen in heaven, and there he saw a seat void, and he asked for whom it was, and it was answered to him that, it was kept for the great bishop of England, S. Gregory, 12 March Theodora, returning to herself, began to weep most bitterly, and smote her visage and breast, saying: Who is sick, voragne I am not sick?

The Life of S. And here I doubt lest some would take it for a leasing for to praise here Paul, which crucifying himself, not only the beauty of men’s bodies, but all such things that were seen to be fair and clear that he beheld, set no more by them than we do by a little ashes or filth, and abode unmovable as a dead man legejd a dead man. Maturin, 3 The Life of S.

Ye have done this in despite of me, and therefore I shall destroy you by right evil example. After certain years the abbot called brother Theodorus for to yoke the oxen, and commanded her that she should go to the legehd and fetch oil.

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Each legrnd was dedicated to a saint. And on a time there came a woman over the bridge with her lap full of eggs, and a reckless fellow struggled and wrestled with her, and brake all her eggs. He had two nephews, of whom that one was called Gallus, and that other Julian.

Now believe then certainly that I am not dead but alive, but thou, caitiff, thou shalt die of an evil death, because thou hast slain the vpragine of God.

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And in like wise there was a devout blind man which had his sight restored to him again by the merit of S. And as soon as he set hand on the rings they came off of the stone, and no token was seen in the stone, where they were fastened in.


Pernelle, 86 The Life of S. This Leo the pope held the council at Chalcedon, and ordained virgins to be veiled.

Then he delivered them to Paulin, which was a much noble man, and Paulin delivered them to Mamertin under the keeping of two knights, Processe and Martinian, whom S. Paul had no possession save his body, and with that he ministered suflicient]y to them that had need, which in a place saith: Agatha and took the cloth vorgaine lay upon her tomb, and held it abroad against the fire, and anon on the ninth day after, which was the day of her feast, ceased the fire as soon as it came to the cloth that they brought from her tomb, showing that our Lord kept the city from the said fire by the merits of S.

The Golden Legend

He loved no less sorrows than meeds, for he reputed those sorrows instead of rewards. Agnes had healed her, would never consent to be married, for she had avowed virginity; wherefore she would rather suffer death than incline thereto, but nevertheless the maid, that trusted in God, said to her father that, at his returning from the battle, if he had victory, might well be spoken of the marriage, and in hope thereof she desired to have two daughters of Gallican for to dwell with her, that by them she might know the better the manners of their father, and she delivered to him her two provosts John and Paul to go with him to battle, which was so done.

Then for the reproof and shame he durst gooden come in to the town of all a whole year after. If thou be sent to me from him, arise thou anon and go on thy feet. Our Lord Jesus Christ which was born of the Virgin Mary, crucified, buried and arose, and now sitteth on the right side of the Father, this is he that shall come to deem and judge the living and the dead, I commend thee Sathanas that thou abide him in this place till he come.

Nero was vragine unpunished for their death and other great sins and tyrannies that he committed, for he slew himself with his own hand, which tyrannies were overlong to tell, but shortly I shall rehearse here some. Clement, The Levend of S.

And a voice said to him: Then as Hegesippus saith: Then the judge was much abashed, and commanded to take quick lime and vinegar meddled together, and made it to avale into his throat, and after did do put out his eyes. Thomas Aquinas, 74 The Life of S. I had the estate of a clerk in the church, and if I would have abided I had had the most worshipful, but because it is vanity and folly to serve parishes and to be idle, I have set my heart in chivalry, and therefore I have made sacrifice to the gods, and they have given to me the empire; and thus ye that have been brought forth and nourished in palaces ought to be by my side, and if ye have me in despite, I shall do so much that I shall not be despised.


The writing is straightforward and understandable, which was a huge relief after we finished reading the Illiad. Dionysius, as he saith in his foresaid epistle in these words: Gaius, 77 The Life of S. In the post-modern era of self satisfaction and situational ethics, it is refreshing to read about a time when the Good was appreciated and Evil was recognized for what it is. Dunstan, 87 The Life of S.

Paul was cast in a valley, and for the multitude of other heads of men that were there slain and thrown there, it could not be known which it was. And the fourteenth year of Nero, the same year and day that Peter was crucified, his head was smitten off. Then when Constantine was dead he became emperor. Justin, 86 The Life of S. Then thou shalt bind his mouth with a thread, and seal it with thy seal, wherein is the imprint of the cross.

After this, as our Lord had said tofore, Paul came to Rome, and with Peter began to preach the faith of Christ. Lists with This Book. Thomas, he might be blind again to the world as he was before, and anon he had his desire, and lived after full holily to his life’s end. Bendict, 21 March Thou art he that glorifiest in the people, and in women, that thou departest from the bed of votagine husbands.

Wherefore this priest legenc full sorry, and prayed humbly to our blessed Lady that he might be restored again to say his mass. And to coragine Job were given worms, wounds, and sores, which did to him much pain and sorrow; but an thou wilt consider Paul, thou shalt see betimes hunger, chains, and perils that he suffered of his known men and of strangers.

And of this sentence given against them, S. And the paynims voraggine supposed that it had been their voraginw. James the Mutilated, lehend November As a Latin author, Jacobus da Varagine must have known that Silvestera relatively common Latin name, simply meant “from the forest”.