Girl Overboard () is Justina Chen Headley’s second novel (following Nothing But the Truth (and a Few White Lies) from ). The writing here is snappy. Adding to a category overrun with poor-little-rich-girl plotlines, Headley (Nothing But the Truth [and a few white lies]) crafts a tale that will stand. Justina Chen is a Taiwanese-American fiction writer and executive communications consultant. She is best known for her young-adult fiction, especially North of Beautiful (), A Blind Spot for Boys (), Girl Overboard (), and Nothing but the Truth A Book Talk with Justina Chen Headley and Alvina Ling (), retrieved.

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Not being able to snowboard is only the beginning of trouble for Syrah. She finds an ally in her half sister Grace whom she thought hated her but Grace turns out to be OK.

Girl Overboard

The lesson learned at the end hheadley Girl Overboard is adorable, but I don’t think it’s necessary to mention it, telling the readers a summary of what they learned from the story.

I went to bed at 5: I believe that people who love fiction would really love this book. They don’t just survive their 40,foot descent.

I can easily understand pingyin basically the cheat-cheat on pronunciation for lazy Americans. The first fifty pages didn’t hook me. Lillan’s sister, Amanda, has Syrah was injured in a snowboarding accident. On somethings I saw how she solved her problems with the mistakes she made taught me not to do it. Aside from delightful supporting characters igrl addition to Syrah, there are lessons to be learned.

Girl Overboard stars a very unhappy girl, Syrah, who is frustrated with practically everything in her life: Con’s Whiny Narrator – Syrah was great, and all, but justinx with all the whining??


And the Six-Pack, the group of popular girls who only hung out with her because of the nine zeros of her dad’s ooverboard, were ruining her social life. Syrah the main character loves snowboarding. If one bad accident can leave Syrah terrified of her chilly home away from home, what else has Syrah misinterpreted?

Justina Chen – Wikipedia

Mar 15, Caitlin rated it it was ok Shelves: The only thing Syrah wants now is to get back to snowboarding. She almost never sees her parents, her half-siblings hate her, and it turns out real friends are not that easy to find when you can hcen everything else.

She is very strong and would do anything to save her family. The main characters all are forced to face their problems and to fix them. Please register, you could save someone’s life.

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I was afraid this was gonna be a poor-little-rich-girl story, and I don’t know enough about snowboarding to care about it, but Syrah turned out to be a character easy to sympathize with. Syrah’s parents are not heaadley supportive o Do you want to read a book about a teenage girl who has everything?

So to everyone else, Syrah Cheng’s life looks like a dream come true. This book help me grow and realize that I wasn’t the only one that feels out of place sometimes. Gifl Preview See a Problem? Okay, I’ll admit it. Her half-siblings hate her, her best After years of being a loner with a one-track mind for snowboarding, Syrah’s snowboarding accident and resulting knee injury force her chne look at her entire life in a new light.

GIRL OVERBOARD by Justina Chen Headley | Kirkus Reviews

Her first, Nothing But the Truth and a few white lieswas a Book Sense pick, and her third novel, North of Beautiful, garnered critical acclaim with three starred reviews.


Her father, Ethan Cheung, made the cell phone of today. She’s a unique girl, with a heart of gold. You cant change and give up on what you have so somethings will remain the same forever. Truth is, Syrah has an alternate identity: To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. All she want to do is be on the slopes with her best friend, Age,but he is too busy with his new boyfriend.

Age is Syrah’s best friend who is easily influenced by his girlfriend to stop hanging out with Syrah which also helps bring out unspoken emotions between the two best friends.

All of a sudden, Syrah’s world turns upside down. I had a hard time getting into it. The writing is pretty beautiful, but that can only buoy me for so long. It was a good uplifting read in its messageand I enjoyed it. Do you want to read a book about a teenage girl who has everything?

Additionally, Justina co-founded readergirlz, a cutting-edge literacy and social media project for teens, which won the National Book Foundation’s Award for Innovations in Reading.

Also she uses a ton of sensory imagery to describe what Syrah looks like and how her physical traits are linked to her emotions and create an idea as who she wants to be recognized as and what her true identity is.