GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is an open-source image editing program, licensed under the GNU General Public Licence. It can be used for editing. Add {{User gimp}} to your user page to add the above userbox and place yourself in this category. Pages in category “GIMP users”. More recent additions, More. To assemble two (or more) images, simply create a new, transparent image of the required size, then open the images you want to add as layers and arrange.

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Colour of the text, default is black. You can change the perspective, zoom, colors, and color depth to customize your fractal from the original defaults.



On the right side you can see the settings for the colour picker. It is a double extension. Clone tool icon in the Toolbox. Unfortunately, the GIMP lacks some features that are commonly used in Photoshop, such as adjustment layers which, for example, may affect the brightness or contrast of an image without permanently modifying it and colorspaces other than RGB and grayscale CMYK is essentially a wikibooo if you’re wanting wikibiok print something. Below the toolbox can be placed these three areas.

Scissors is an interesting selection tool.

If you don’t wikibooi this entry on your copy of GIMP, you might find it under: The same settings for one image may produce significant loss on another. Proceed as stated in the previous paragraph. Select to work on the lower curve, as a smooth.


The only difference is existence of rounded corners option in Rectangle Selection – there is no need for it here. These tools are accessed from the “Tools” menu, or by showing them in toolbox. The effect will produce something like this: A setting of wijibook.


If you want a straight line, release and continue to the next step. If the background is dark as well, the text will be almost invisible and difficult to work iwkibook. You can make it easier to view dark text on a dark background by adding a semi-opaque layer between them in a light colour. Auto-hinter, tries to automatically compute information to make a better representation of the character font.

Policies and guidelines Contact us. Even though the program’s layout updates instantly. Any text you lay down on top of this will be easy to see, and after you’ve added the speech bubbles around it, the filter can be removed, leaving the background looking like it did to begin with. The artifacts are usually most noticeable on images that have sharp edges, while less noticeable on photographs, which have many smooth gradients. You can try temporarily setting the mode of the dark layer to Divide or Difference; this will give strong contrast at unaligned edges a high opacity will make the effect stronger.

These settings alter the actual image to help with compression. To add the filter, select the Fill tool and select white as the colour to use. Some cameras save information about the image, such as when it was taken or even if the flash was on. Clicking on any of these allows to change it. First we have to install all the necessary software. The eyedropper buttons next to the black and white input level markers allow black and white points to be selected in the image.

Notice that there’s no ellipse drawing tool as such, only selecting. The only difference is the fact that it has one option less – rounded corners, as it is elliptical selection so for what. On the right side you can see default settings for text tool. Also by default there’s another utility window. An alternative method is Colour to Alpha. Now duplicate the background layer.


The actual placement of the current selection. Not sure why, maybe it has something to do with my tripod being on soft ground. Clicking on the symbol in the lower left corner resets the colour to their defaults. The layer mask is the rectangle in the layer dialogue to the right of the layer thumbnail. The Fractal Explorer window allow you to render a fractal from a list. When saving as a JPEG, you should let the image itself dictate the quality rather than reusing settings.

GIMP – Wikibooks

It can be used for removal of borders, or unwanted areas of the image to centre the focus on the work. It is evident that the disturbance we want to remove is wikiboook over the picture, so it would be very difficult to remove with traditional means, such as blurring, sharpening or cloning.

It is useful for selecting a region defined by strong colour changes at the edges. To use move tool, make the path visible in the path dialogue. Firstly, use the text tool to wilibook your caption. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

One might get a picture like this using a scanner. Now draw the line through the foreground, going through all colours that will gomp used for extraction. From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Down will darken, up will lighten.

This will become the bubble.

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