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Those numbers aren’t but that picture is. I’ll throw in some cardio but I got away from the HIIT session I used to start my work-outs with because I wanted to stop losing weight.

I think from bad form. I haven’t barbell benched in sometime but curious what I would be able to do now. Be respectful, civil, and charitable. Im striving to look like you.

The Best Ab Exercise Ever (proven by research) – Team Better

Finding a gym when I travel for work or vacation is always possible and I just hate missing it now. We just need a bit of space on the floor.

I was getting stuck under bar one too many times Deadlift: I had to reply to this great success story because I’m going through almost identical circumstances, it was like reading my own story.


Try to stronglifts 5×5. I personally think crunches are fine with the proper form, also not clasping hands and lifting your head but keeping fingers at ears. Don’t get me wrong it takes effort, self discipline and dedication, but the rewards will come. I typically wake up now at 5: I’ve had numerous injuries mostly related to bad form. Really great stuff man, you look great. Moderators have the final word 7. Starting is toughest but you’ll find it gets easier and really fun if you can stick with it.

Way to go and keep at it! Just go slow, track your calories and only increase them when gains stop. Moderators have the final word.

Best and Worst Ab Exercises

After awhile, because you will be “trained” and you are 40, there’s going to be diminishing returns. I’m 32 and look older than this dude. My current compound lifts: I spent almost two years doing SL 5×5 and hypertrophy routines, then became depressed shortly after my 41st birthday, and lost all motivation.

Will get around to it soon I suppose. I usually flexed for my progress pictures. I wish I will look this young bestworstabexercisds 10 years time.


Best and Worst Ab Exercises

Good fucking job and great post. Look it up in our Glossary. How many calories were you eating?

That first push from wanting to do it to actually going was one of the tougher ones but got easier from there. Sounds like my story as well. Stay mindful of reddiquette and consider this reminder from the reddit admins.

Not by themselves, experts say. Posts must be specific to improving physical fitness and promote useful discussion. First time working out at I just turned 44 and joined a gym about a month ago.

Saw abs for the first time in my life at 40 even though I had been in damn good shape at times before just not lean enough. See the Related Subreddits section for other popular fitness-related subreddits. I’ve been getting stuides at 4: