Find great deals for GESTIONE Della PRODUZIONE INDUSTRIALE – Di Armando Brandolese (aut. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Scuola, Scuola di Ingegneria Industriale e dell’Informazione Brandolese, A. Pozzetti, A. Sianesi, “Gestione della Produzione Industriale”, HOEPLI. Sianesi A. Brandolese A., Pozzetti A., Sianesi A. (), “Gestione della produzione industriale”, Hoepli. Castagna R., Roversi A (),”Sistemi produttivi. Il processo di.

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The formation of the main production plan Master Production Schedule. Evolving scenarios of freight transport and logistics.

Il modello di Wortmann. Requirements for the application.

brxndolese The phases of the process of planning and production control. Both tests will be written and based on 3 open questions. In order to properly assess such achievement the examination is based on a written test, lasting up to three hours including the theoretical and practical development of three arguments, two of which theoretical issues and two numeric – proudzione application. Pozzetti, Progettazione dei sistemi produttivi, Hoepli. The measurement of the production capacity and its increase by means of buffers.

33966 – Industrial Logistics M

Pianificazione di progetti complessi. Techniques, models and tools are presented for the various planning phases of: The production planning and control process: See the website of Emilio Ferrari. All the slides will be uploaded on the e-learning platform brqndolese the course.


The configuration of production systems for the process production. Then the exam result not sufficient if at least one question is not sufficient. PWS, Boston, A. Materiale didattico Tutte le slide utilizzate durante il corso verranno messe a disposizione degli studenti sulla piattaforma e-learning dell’Ateneo, sotto forma di file pdf.

Programma Dettagliato

My e-mail for students My e-mail for staff Close. T3 Textbook on tutorials: Textbook and teaching resource Slides All the slides will be uploaded on the e-learning platform of the course. A special issue on Japanese manufacturing technique is also included.

Higher grades will be awarded to students who demonstrate an organic understanding of the subject, a high ability for critical application, and a clear and concise presentation of the contents, with particular attention to the use and the comprehension of technical terms. Performance effectiveness quality and service and efficiency productivity and flexibility. Skip to main content. Management of complex projects. Programmazione e controllo della produzione industriale. Analysis of characteristics, application field, design, management and organisational problems of the different configuration types of production systems.

T1 Textbook on the first part of the course: The performance of the production processes. Per il superamento dell’esame entrambe le prove devono essere sufficienti. Scuola di Ingegneria Industriale e dell’Informazione. Examples of optimization models and solution techniques.

The lead time and Little’s Law. Performance evaluation of production systems: Production information flow management: Periodo di erogazione dell’insegnamento Secondo semestre.


Assessment method There will be a midterm and a final test.

Contenuti sintetici Classificazione dei sistemi produttivi. Determinazione delle risorse produttive. Industrial applications of the theory of queues. The range of professional and general management skills is very important for careers in logistics and many other areas of graduate employment.

Industrial production planning and control. KanBan as JiT operative tools: Course structure and examinations Credits are obtained after passing a written and oral examination related to the topics declared in the official program of the Course. Analisi delle caratteristiche, del campo di applicazione, delle problematiche progettuali, gestionali e organizzative delle diverse configurazioni di sistemi produttivi. The rating is assigned based on the overall assessment of the whole test.

Determination of production resources. Information resources and literature: Just in Time JiT: Garetti, Design of production systems, Franco Angeli, Milano The costs of externality of the transport of goods.

Regulatory aspects of the transport of goods, Incoterms for the definition of the transport contract. Sianesi, Gestione della produzione industriale: Classificazione dei sistemi produttivi. La pianificazione di progetti complessi.