Introduction to the functions of GENEX Nastar GSM •Network Monitoring and Analysis. •Network Problem Location and Analysis •Report Auto-Generation and . Oct 14, NASTAR Basic User Training Analysis by: E2E NW Opt Team Date: 25 April GSM MR Analysis Task Area of TopN TRXs or Problematic TRXs Area of TRXs Area of Counter genex u net delivery 培训引导胶片. Mar 1, ONO11 iManager Nastar VR GSM Performance Analysis System Application. . ONP21 GENEX Probe VR GSM Operation.

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The more paging messages to 2G subscribers, the lower 3G paging success rate. Again because for the admission algorithm Algorithm 1load control algorithm and other algorithms it is necessary to compare the current load with the corresponding threshold value e.

The below soft handover failure due to UE no response is a case of call drop due to UU interface no response: Moreover, transport congestion and power congestion are likely to occur, too. Opinions by other users – Press the Read reviews button. Click here to sign up.

In the script, this switch is off for the network and thus the call admission uses the equivalent user number to make nawtar power prediction and a big deviation arises this is also why we should nastzr using the equivalent user number for call admission to cause the denial that should not happen.

So the DCCC related parameter configuration may be unreasonable. Obviously, IUB transport congestion is quite severe. Expand the capacity of transport resources 3.

Genex Probe Torrents – free download suggestions

Below are relevant MML commands: After the above are done, both the CS call drop rate and the PS call drop rate are improved, as shown in the following table: More PhoneRescue for Android 3.


Till now, we were sure that the problem was caused by 2G MSC.

Therefore, the PS inter-system handover success rate being 0 is due to the incorrect traffic measurement method of RNC. Below is a brief introduction to the operations for various functions. The pilot power configuration is from 27 dBm to As can be seen from the above table, the cause of CS RAB setup failure is air interface failure mostly RB no response and for the cells whose failure rate is not high but with many failures, the average RTWP is above — 92 dBm very high.

The failure symptom is as follows: We further check the script configuration and find that the following problems exist for the power ratio configuration of the cells with abnormal load: See the following figure for the CHR analysis interface.

We should be familiar with these auxiliary analysis means. Too high pilot power will result in capacity loss as mentioned above, whereas too low pilot power will cause the algorithms to fail and may bring other problems such as mute.

Put forward the solution. The operators in Brunei have little wireless network operation experience.

huawei nastar

Genec threshold value is too low, as a result the compressed mode may not be enabled before the call drop or call drop may occur very easily in the inter-system handover after the compressed mode is enabled. Monitor the KPI TOPN distribution of cells at the monitoring time granularity of a matter of hours, so as to avoid the case where the performance deterioration of a certain cell in a certain time span is concealed in space and time thus we may avoid the situation where the KPIs of nawtar entire network are all normal but the performance of a certain cell in a certain time span has severely deteriorated.

It is seldom used.


It is a basic performance analysis skill for us to master the methods of making and querying analysis themes. According to the planning simulation requirements, the pilot power should be 10 dB less than the maximum transmit power of the cell. It’s recommended to take your time to get familiar with the program’s design and number of tools available.

The cells are in normal service and the RTWP is also normal when the call drop occurs, as shown in the following table: Being regretted to have nwstar those valuable info?

GENEX Nastar GSM_full_eng version by Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd – How to uninstall it

Power congestion in RAB setup According to the maximum number of CEs when the nastqr occurs, we know that the nasstar is not very big. Below is a brief description of relevant operations of CHR analysis: We provide leading photo recovery software, Just two steps to rescue lost or deleted photos. So we recommend that the settings be changed to the same as in Hong Kong and Brunei so that soft handover becomes more smooth and the call drop rate can be improved.

The downlink call admission algorithm uses Algorithm 1. Therefore, the downlink signal quality is OK and there should be no downlink weak coverage or downlink interference problem. DCCC, state transition, etc. If in this period the Nasatr timer expires, then the above procedure will be triggered again.

A link to report template. Additional titles containing huawei nastar. Therefore, plenty of non-service RRC setup requests will arise and consume plenty of power, code, transport and other resources and may cause congestion.

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