Shoe Mount Flash EF-X20 Enables flash output levels of 1/1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 and 1/64 in the Manual mode. Immediate visual confirmation of settings. With the Fujifilm’s unique flash control technology “i Flash technology The EF- X20 also has a manual mode, so you can disable the pre-flash. View and Download FujiFilm EF-X20 owner’s manual online. Shoe Mount. EF- X20 Camera Flash pdf manual download.

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When the aperture changes, it lets in less light.

Flash | Fujifilm Global

However, Martin was using his flash with a wireless flash trigger, I was just using slave mode and in the end, his flash would trigger my flash! We’ve selected our favorite lenses for Sony mirrorlses cameras in several categories to make your decisions easier. Featuring a new mechanism that automatically locks the shoe-mount flash unit when it is placed on the hot shoe. Istant Photo System Instax mini A Capture One Workflow for Fujifilm.

The first is a simple flash sync cable you can use Canon cables which allows you to use your flash as though it were on top of your camera.

Fujifilm Holdings Corporation Investor Relations. Color night vision with the SiOnyx Aurora.


After a couple of months having owned the EF-X20 and having written an initial impressions post back then. An alternative option is to use your flash in slave mode in your hand with the Fuji xt ef–x20 other fuji camera with a built in flash firing its flash in commander mode. Having said that, you can use TTL, which will adjust the flash settings based on your distance to your subject.

Fujifilm XF mm F2. DPReview Awards Dec 2, This switches the spread of light from 35mm as standard to 21mm. So then I tried holding the flash and shooting it through the umbrella. Still, you could casually set up a light set up with ef-x200 flash trigger firing your flash into a regular umbrella but it would be difficult to get it set up right.

Fuji Flash EF-X20 User Manual Download (PDF)

I think you meant devisive, not decisive. The rf-x20 of off-camera flash is that you can direct your light to be at a different angle than straight on as the camera views. XT2 – Back button focus. XT as an fujii from sony rxiv.

This gives you a different look than just straight on flash. When using the Fujifilm EF-X20 in daylight for fill light, then TTL makes perfect sense, but at night, you might be better off learning how to use it manually. A pivoting mechanism would have solved this issue but is absent.


The best camera bargains of My street photography of This website uses cookies. You only get 12 when you use the diffuser that is built in more later. The guide number is the strength of the flash but it also tells you a lot more than just the strength of the flash. As for the actual process of shooting on camera flash. Making it a bit more top heavy and making the camera rock forwards or backwards when it is on a strap on your neck. The only issue with this is you need your flash connected to your camera as the camera will do some of the smarts for you.

It embodies the spirit of creative constraints that are common in street photography and yet it has all the vital features that you need to get started with flash. However, it will upset the balance of your camera a bit if you have it round your neck.

This means you can illuminate one side of your subject, of get the flash above your subject pointing down. Is it enough of a refresh to keep up with the times?

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