FreeStyler program and introduce a new user to Digital Multi-Plex (DMX) programming. *We will talk about manual addressing and groups later on. If you have. Even if I understand the DMX protocol and how to add this functionality, I am not certain how to combine my manual DMX control with the. FreeStyler DMX is made solely by Rapheal Wellekens from Belgium. 中国灯具 创造者说明 (Chinese Language Fixture Creator Manual).

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Welcome to the FreeStyler Wiki

Inviato Wed 01 Nov 17 8: The first one is easy. FreeStyler Fixture Creator 4. I make it The values I used are shown in the dialogue below. Please go ahead and change them for more suitable ones or even create your own bitmaps to represent them. As said right at the top it may not be the easiest way or the best way but it does work.

See image below for this part completed. The correct addressing of the channels comes when we patch them into FreeStyler. Export it as instructed before. Let’s put it like this: It’s more about the way you program Freestyler. Inviato Tue 31 Oct 17 9: Inviato Tue 31 Oct 17 It contains all the information needed in the one file, images, gobos, colours etc.

Fixture name Total channels Comment Shutter ch. Now we frerstyler to enter all the values from channel 1 of the manual for the 2 channel fixture, phew that is going to take a bit of time. And the more basic light effects can be run either in automode, or through my manual DMX control.


Fixture Creator Tutorial – LED Bars – FreeStyler DMX

Notice the pattern of 3xRGB fixture and then 1xControl fixture. If we need hardware would it not be better to get a dedicated lighting controller? I dmxx not saying this is the best or the easiest way but it is away that works and hopefully you will understand how it works. Multi RGB element fixtures LED Bars along with lasers seem to give the majority of people real problems when trying to create a fixture for them. This tutorial does not show you how to create the fixture for use in 3D Magic Easy View, to do that you need to run the ScanLibrary program, it is not the same as Fixture Creator but the same method would need to be performed as shown for the Fixture Creator.

I wonder what the characteristics of such a controller are. Click Options and then Auto generate values and you should see the following dialogue box appear.

That is it done. Freestyler is more or less a software based DMX freestyoer. Now Export the fixture. The filename has the same filename as what was entered for the normal save, so you can just press the Save button and that is our fixture exported and you can now exit from the Fixture Creator program and start FreeStyler and add the number of these 3 channel fixtures you want to control.

Even when you see a “huge stand-alone DMX console” in reality it is a computer with external hardware controls that allow easier manipulation of it’s software. Now strangely enough did we not create a 3 channel RGB fixture in the first part of this tutorial? You freestgler not have to do this. Click on the top line lowest DMX Value and then scroll down the list on the right until you find off. Enter the data as shown above and Save and Export the fixture as before. I will start with the easiest of these modes and it is not the 2 channel mode but the 3 channel mode, all will be revealed.


I hope it has given an insight into how to create multi element RGB fixtures and how to patch them for use in FreeStyler. Right that is the fixture done.

Generally speaking it’s not easy to combine 2 different DMX consoles. Click the Save button and that is done. How well does this work compared to a hardware light controller? Well this part of the fixture only has 2 channels so it has to be set at 1 and 2. I always add the manufacturers name to the front of this as can be seen in the above image.

As you can see from the image above I have gone ahead and patched fixtures to allow for 4 x real fixtures.

It should look like this. Also it allows me to create a pretty much dynamic show, where nothing seems the same day after day Yes we did, so now all we have to do is create the control part of this fixture the bit that controls the strobe and the dimmer.