Forbidden Nights with a Vampire (Love at Stake, Book 7) [Kerrelyn Sparks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Vanda Barkowski is in trouble. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Kerrelyn Sparks is the bestselling author of the Love at Stake series, which has hit as high as number 5 on the New York. Forbidden Nights with a Vampire (Love at Stake, Book 7) This book was a pleasant trip back to the world of Roman Draganesti’s entourage.

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I also thought that Vanda’s secret would be horrible. It’s something to read when you’re looking for a light read.

I’m sure for those who follow through every single book, they will appreciate all the past characters appearance. Phil is head of Security during the day guarding the Vamps during their death sleep. I was surprised when war broke out. And while I liked the hero, Phil, a little better, it wasn’t enough to overcome the cheesy dialogue, unsympathetic characters, and rampant silliness like the DVN Digital Vampire Network televised programs called “Live with the Nithts.

Forbidden Nights with a Vampire

I wanted to like the heroine, Vanda. Throughout this book, we see the struggle that both Vanda and Phil go through developing an intimate relationship and trying to resolve the issues that surround them.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. From the beginning, Phil is pining on Vanda because he want her since spatks those years ago.

Just not my favorite.

It was a enticing read, which passion amixt with danger and mystery and a love that grows and will defeat all challenges that they may face. Apr 17, Yodamom rated it liked it Shelves: Vanda is a good person, behind all the scars and pain she suffered she really has a sweet heart.

I just felt that there were definitely some other missed opportunities here. I loved her passion for everything she does in life.

Forbidden Nights with a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

Buku ini intens, HOT, seksi, seru dan juga penuh momen emosional. I jumped into this without reading all the previous spqrks in the series. This book was hott! Walaupun sepanjang buku kita di suguhi dengan penolakan dan denialnya, aku menikmati sisi tarik ulur penuh tensi mereka berdua.

Mar 12, Alexa Ayana rated it really liked it.

Book Review – Forbidden Nights with a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks – Maryse’s Book Blog

Wait, let me get back to my reading. I even use violence lol Kerreyln so, Phil has a great character and charisma. Now faced with an imminent battle between the synthetic-blood-drinking Vamps and the mortal-drinking Malcontents, secrets will out and the truth will have to be faced. Whats not to love. I loved the way there attraction was like a slow burn.


That would deffinately be a interesting book lol. Vonda and Phil are a wonderful couple and I loved that vmpire shifters were introduced. Dan instingku gak meleset. I really enjoyed Forbixden, she is a heroine that we don’t see too often. There were these Japanese vampire tourists that were written in such a stereotypical way that it bordered on racist.

She then enjoy to flirt him,because she feel bored with her condition in harem. When he showed up in books before [ 3,5,6 and a bit of 1] I was like Here goes another supernatural being ready to fall in love with a mortal.

I was loving the plot nighhts and more. If you like your vampire stories light and funny, this is a good series. There is a chemistry and desire that flares up from the very beginning and both of them know its powerless to resist. Jadi aku menunggu dan membaca yang satu ini dengan antusias.