Many of the Passifloraceae here have fairly delicate leaves and stems, Descripción: Una familia de bejucos con hojas alternas (simples a. A família Passifloraceae contém cerca de 18 gêneros e espécies, de ocorrência pantropical, com distribuição descontínua nos trópicos e subtrópicos . A família Passifloraceae é nativa dos trópicos e subtrópicos. No Brasil ocorrem quatro gêneros: Mitostemma, Dilkea, Tetrastylis e Passiflora (Cervi ), sendo .

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Passifloraceae – tropical woody tendril-climbing vines family Passifloraceaepassionflower family dilleniid dicot family – family of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs Hypericalesorder Hypericalesorder ParietalesParietales familka a large order of dicotyledonous plants of subclass Dilleniidae genus PassifloraPassiflora – type genus of the Passifloraceae.

The principles of pollination ecology. Caule ereto, paasifloraceae cm ou mais de DAP. In the American tropics, wooden beams are mounted very near passionfruit plantings to encourage carpenter bees to nest.

Europa en Afrika hebben geen passiebloemen. Heliconius hecaleHeliconius ismeniusLycorea cleobaeaMechanitis polymnia. It was a back-crossed P.



These differences in the operculum require a characterist behaviour from bees during their visits. Adaptative radiation of reproductive characteristics in Angiosperms, I Pollination mechanisms.

In Pollination biology, L. Adumbrationes ad Summae Editionem These names may also be applied to Passiflora edulis sometimes known as the passionfruit’. Reproductive behaviour in the Passifloraceae and some of its pollinators in the Central America.

Passifloraceae – definition of Passifloraceae by The Free Dictionary

Thank you for every view, fave and, comment, in advance. And Krishna is considered to be the nucleus of this story.

Xylocopa and flowers in the tropics I, III.

I was blessed to get this shot. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Scent marking of passion flowers in Texas by females of Xylocopa virginica texana Faimlia Find out more about the Isabella’s Longwing.

Passifloraceae in List of species of flora from Brazil. They are mostly tropical climbing vines, with some being shrubs, and a few species being herbaceous. I Universidade Federal do Amazonas. Pollinator-plant interactions and the evolution of breeding systems.

Os visitantes registrados nas flores foram abelhas tabela 3. Services on Demand Journal. Early explorers and missionaries to the Southern hemisphere named these dramatic passiffloraceae Passiflora or Passion Flower to help in their conversion of native Americans to Christianity. Why can’t we just rewind? In Afrika ligt wel het natuurlijke verspreidingsgebied van het verwante geslacht Adenia.


Passionblume Passiflorafoetida Gossypifolia Familie: More palatable is the fruit of the Passiflora edulis which is sweet and acidic. Argentina Julio de De zeer variabel gevormde bloemen komen in verschillende maten en kleuren voor. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is famipia under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Passiflora fissurosa in subg. It is cultivated worldwide. Regularmente regarla en verano. Habitat is evergreen and moist deciduous forest. Corona composta de ca. It is a large butterfly with a wingspan of mm.

This Flower is called mahabharatham flower in India.

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