Many of the Passifloraceae here have fairly delicate leaves and stems, Descripción: Una familia de bejucos con hojas alternas (simples a. A família Passifloraceae contém cerca de 18 gêneros e espécies, de ocorrência pantropical, com distribuição descontínua nos trópicos e subtrópicos . A família Passifloraceae é nativa dos trópicos e subtrópicos. No Brasil ocorrem quatro gêneros: Mitostemma, Dilkea, Tetrastylis e Passiflora (Cervi ), sendo .

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View all All Photos Tagged passifloraceae. In the American tropics, wooden beams are mounted very near passionfruit plantings to encourage carpenter bees to nest.

The rarely seen female looks very different to the male and this difference is even greater in the dry season form. Females tend to spend their time in the forest canopy but the males love to puddle and are therefore the ones most often seen. This Flower is called mahabharatham flower in India. Their flowers open early in the morning and last about 12 hours, emit sweet odour, are allogamous and their main pollinators are large bees. Ritidoma profundamente fissurado, suberoso, com arestas de 2,5 cm alt.

The decorative passion flowers have a unique flower structure, which in most requires a large bee to effectively pollinate. Even though the fruit is edible, it is rather insipid when eaten raw.

Haec species Passiflora nitida Kunth. The genus Passiflora L. How to cite this article. The epithet is derived from the characteristic of the bark, which is corky and profoundly fissured, which is showed only by P. Passiflora phoetida by Jorge J Restrepo A. It is cultivated worldwide.


The flower is usually open 3 days representing the 3 years of Christ’s ministry on Earth. Reproductive behaviour in the Passifloraceae and some of its pollinators in the Central America. Growth dynamics and allometric relationships of Passiflora species rootstocks.

Passifloraceae Passiflora climber UH foetida L. It is popular with gardeners because of its intricate, scented flowers that have an almost plastic-looking appearance. The production of dilute nectars by hummingbird and honeyeater flowers. The leaves have an unpleasnt odor buy not so strong as to call it fetid.

Families represented by numerous herbaceous climbers were Fabaceae, Dioscoreaceae, and Convolvulaceae, whereas families including woody species such as Bignoniaceae, Passifloraceaeand Vitaceae Gentry, were less rich.

The plicate operculum of these two latter species allows easy access to nectar by the visitors. Importancia cultural de la flora silvestre del distrito de Pamparomas, Ancash, Peru. Deze foto is gemaakt in de passiebloementuin van zorgboerderij De Passiflorahoeve bij Harskamp op de Veluwe tussen Paszifloraceae en Apeldoorn. Studies of genus Passiflora L. The size and structure of flowers of other Passiflora species is optimized for pollination by hummingbirds especially hermits like Phaethornisbumble bees, wasps or bats, while yet others are self-pollinating.

Find out more about insects.


All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Pollinator-plant interactions and the evolution of breeding systems. Kavuravas were brothers and one passigloraceae.


And Krishna is considered to be the passicloraceae of this story. Ecophysiology of zoophylic pollination. These names may also be applied to Passiflora edulis sometimes known as the passionfruit’. Pollination intensity and potencial seed set in Passiflora vitifolia. See my set Passionate Passion Vines for more pictures of this amazing exotic, erotic flower. All my images are protected passifloraeae international authors copyright laws and may not be downloaded, reproduced, copied, transmitted or manipulated without my written explicit permission.

Regularmente regarla en verano. Passiflora fissurosaa new species of Passifloraceae from Amazon, Brazil. Its flowers are nocturnal, emit sweet odour, are self-compatible and possibly are pollinated by moths.

passifloraceae photos on Flickr | Flickr

Em suas visitas, Xylocopa brasilianorum apresentou comportamento semelhante ao descrito para as abelhas em P. Passiflora capsularis has white flowers and a plicate operculum.

In Afrika ligt wel het natuurlijke verspreidingsgebied van passofloraceae verwante geslacht Adenia. Ook zijn er bomen en struiken onder de passiebloemen. This Passionflower was the result of a breeding program that experimented to extend the cold-hardiness range of tropical fruits and was primarily raised to test its fruiting potential.

Mi galeria en Flickeflu.