eyeOS User Manual – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Install Guide eyeOS 2 Cloud Computing OS on Windows v Global Open Versity Cloud Computing Hands-on Labs Training Manual. Step-By-Step Install. operation, for example reading the database, you call a PHP function on the server side using the provided API. 6 EyeOS Developer Manual, English.

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Hands-on Labs Assignments 32 32 32 33 http: New User Online Registration Step 1: Check if its running by typing: However, with eyeOS strong believe in privacy in cloud computing — the onus remains on how best you implement IT security best practices in kanual organization network infrastructure. An optional cache ports to. Now launch your browser and load http: To view database using command-line, change: EyeOS is just like an online operating system, it is based on cloud computing concept and offers an online desktop based system for collaboration and communication among users.

From here you can Add Applications as desired, see Fig. Global Open Versity, Vancouver Canada. You should see a screen like shown on Fig.

Install Open Source, Cloud Computing Web Desktop EyeOS on Ubuntu Linux 15.04

Probably some configuration issue, but web server logs will better suggest exact problem. First of all, lets create a mysql database for eyeos, Login mysql on your system by running following command and providing mysql root password when prompted.

We will soon try updating the article with instructions for rpm based systems as well. Click on the down-arrow, and then click on Add Application, as shown in Fig. To manage your new group, click on the group icon, choose as desired, as shown in Fig.


Para ver por ejemplo el username de un usuario concreto. In general, deploying eyeOS cloud in learning environment is bold initiative that is definitely bound to promote technological innovation that is expected to revolutionize the way education is delivered in the future leading to better learning outcome and experiential learning manal for students.

On the left column click “phpMyAdmin” link, login with root user credentials; mannual from Fig. Enter your details and then click the Register button when done. When done uploading the file, you should be able to locate on your Files – Documents section and the respective folded you placed in, like shown in Fig.

Favorite Applications From here can access your favorite Applications that have been added, in this eyos When fully implemented, students will have manaul to education materials to follow the courses and create their own content. Here is the very first screen you should see when launching this URL:.

Modify the following line in C: Run following command to install missing packages. Hope manaul find this article useful, do let us know in comments.

Download and install Open Office for Windows 2. From here you can Add Contacts as desired, see Fig. Courses can be implemented as group activities and students can be enrolled into such groups.

Today building your own private hosting solution have never been so easy — especially with the current advances in open source technologies.

eyeOS installation manual on Windows V_百度文库

Also do ensure that you started OpenOffice. However, the most important element of eyeOS is the built-in cloud privacy – eyeOS is the Safe Cloud Computing system because you can host it in your own Laptop, Desktop, company or organization. Next type the name of the contact you wish to add under the Search in the eyeOS Network text box, in this case say, Shaka. With eyeOS you can build your private Cloud Desktop today. The filetype is determined by the extension in example.


To accept contact request, click People tab, on the right-hand under Lists heading, click Pending, which shows tasks waiting for action, see Fig. Post Installation Tasks Step 1: You should also have instructions for rpm based systems. There is an error in this eyeOS manusl, please contact the system administrator.

Not enabled Curl extension: Install eyeOS Part 5: You should see command-prompt window opens indicating server is running, as shown in Fig. Not Installed PDO extension: From here you can Add Eyos as desired, see Fig.

Eyeos 2 3 user manual

XAMPP is really very easy to install and to use – just download, extract and start. When implemented appropriately, eyeOS cloud has the capability and flexibility to provide the platform mnual testing the solution and knowledge about IT integration in the classroom.

Stemming is performed at query time and the manuao language can be switched after indexing Step 2: You should now have “Cloud Computing” group visible in your Added tab, see Fig. Feel free to explore all the available configuration options.

Eyeos 2 3 user manual

Thanks for leaving the comment. From the main eyeOS Desktop, click the Eeyeos tab. Word processing a document? You should now be login to your eyeOS desktop, a shown in Fig.