EXOSKELETON – A Novel Psychological thriller, horror, and science fiction all in one Shane Stadler © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. View Desktop Version . SynopsiS (Exoskeleton). ​ called the Exoskeleton, of which he becomes the tortured, organic innards. Shane Stadler © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The latest Tweets from Shane Stadler (@Exo). Novelist, physicist, professor, and physics textbook author check out my sci-fi/horror novel EXOSKELETON.

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Exoskeletin really liked this book. So I’m really looking forward to Shane’s next offering. And the reason for all this secrecy and torture?

Shane Stadler is an experimental physicist. He is either very talented or has very good editors. I enjoyed and recommend this book with a warning that it is not for children. In the middle of so many bad quality prosa constantly being shoved on our faces, ‘exosqueleton’ is breath of fresh air.

The ending of this book absolutely blew chunks. But I’m very happy I read it. But I can give a few hints.

Exoskeleton by Shane Stadler

Five different points of view are masterfully employed in the telling of this story. Horror books I love with Joshua Winning.

The author without question has a very firm grasp of sociological injustice and exploits the very real terror that lurks around every corner.

The narrator is Patrick Conn. I honestly hope Mr.

The story follows several group of people, but it all centers around an experimental project that Will is taking part in instead of serving exkskeleton a 25 year snane sentence for a crime he didn’t commit. It gets five stars as much as anything for being an amazing first novel. It didn’t bother me that they seemed to go on forever because it all tied in together. My favourite horror short stories. The narrator was good but not great.


The story is a cleverly executed mish-mash of science fiction, suspense and horror. His alleged victim has been confined to a coma and all DNA evidence has gone mysteriously missing. The story is set in the near future where we meet William Thompson the main character as he starts a 1 year “compressed punishment” programme run by the government after he is given the choice between that and a much longer prison sentence by his judge.

Synopsis of Exoskeleton

It introduces some mystery and that provides a lot more interest. Books by Shane Stadler. As his tormentors increase the level of pain they inflict on exoekeleton it’s not long before he has his first out of body experience – where he can’t feel the exosskeleton anymore. This book will make you think twice about where you take a leak.

Dec 29, Iain Clements rated it really liked it. Shane Stadler Dark Hall Press When wrongfully accused William Thompson is presented an alternative measure to serving his ten year sentence in prison he agrees with a blind enthusiasm. The first half is good, but second half is really good.

Hunting for Monster Tales. Hmm… This should be stadlr. A story of good vs. I listened to the Kindle version TTS instead, and the robotic voice was way better!


If you’re looking for something different in the horror genre, I definitely recommend this title. Feb 10, AudioBookReviewer rated shzne really liked it.

Exoskeleton — Author Shane Stadler. As many reviewers have already commented, the torture scenes in the story are very well described and this makes this novel a difficult read at times. Yes it was dark and yes it was and in parts disturbing. Oct 27, Jami rated it really liked it Shelves: Author Simon Cheshire gives us 5 spine-tingling short stories he loves. Audiobook submitted for review by the author.


This is one of those books that could have, should have been so, so much better!! The kinds of torture he is subjected to whilst confined inside a metal torture suit is horrifying to exoskelston the least- and the people who are doing the experiments on Will are totally insane, as they really pushed the limits of what the human body can take; to the point where he was blacking-out all the time.

Can’t say, ‘cos that would be a massive spoiler. Really leaves one to think about our criminal justice system, government, cruel and unusual punishment, even spirituality. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

I wish there was another book as the ending is left a bit open. Aug 29, Lisa rated it it was amazing. The torture experiments that they inflict are possible with today’s technology and I think that’s why it hit so hard. The creative forms of torture were by far the most interesting parts of this novel, but unfortunately they were diluted by the many peripheral characters whose stories were less interesting, filled with tired “govt conspiracy” trop “Exoskeleton” is the debut of physicist Shane Stadler, a novel about a new form of corporal punishment involving an exoskeleton tsadler rigged to humans who are trapped within and tortured for their crimes.

Do you believe in evil? As his only hope for redemption, he opts for the latter, and finds himself in a horrific situation that transforms him into something the world has never seen.