The Everpure ROM III offers commercial grade reverse osmosis water filtration to families seeking maximum protection flouride, lead, VOCs, THMs, MTBE and. The ROMIII reverse osmosis system from Everpure improves water quality by reducing contaminants such as arsenic, lead, copper, sodium, nitrate, nitrite. The EVERPURE-ROM-III reduces chlorine taste and odor, dirt, rust, and other particulates such as oxidized iron, manganese and sulfides.

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Everpure Home ROM III Complete Reverse Osmosis System Ev9273-86 EV927386

Ensure tube is pushed into the tube stop. It is recommended that before purchasing a water treatment unit, you have your water tested to determine your actual treatment needs. Push the iii into the fitting, to the tube stop.

Install vertically with cartridge hanging down. WQA certified products will be marked with a symbol.

Vivco Ice Machines | Everpure ROM III Reverse Osmosis System

The fitting can then be re-used. Controls even extreme levels of common “off” tastes and odors, including those that are earthy, moldy and fishy. Here’s how it works: In order to install the Everpure ROM III system, you will need a space that is 12″ wide x 17″ high x 4″ deep, as well as an addition 3″ of clear space beneath the unit for cartridge changes.

The Everpure reverse osmosis system offers extensive water filtration, reducing even off tastes and odors, lead, VOCs, MTBE, and parasitic protozoan cysts, while also preventing the growth of lime scale in water-using applications. Reduces TDS Reduces limescale build-up in water-using appliances. With the collet held in this position, the tube can be removed. If we can not deliver your order in this time frame, the order may be canceled prior to shipment, and a full refund will be credited.


All of the metal fixtures and fittings sold by H2O Distributors are compliant with this act. Sign Up for Promotions. When prices are not shown on the product detail page, add the item to the shopping cart to view the price. Louis, MO Call toll free: NSF certified products will be marked with a symbol. H2O Distributors is proud to feature American-made products on its web site.

It is not possible to specific about gallonage limits because turbidity and other aspects of water quality are unpredictable. Pull on the tube to check that it is secure.

We will notify you of any additional amount before it is charged. Warranted for one year against manufacturers defect. We respect your privacy. We do not ship to Veerpure. Call Our team of professionals for help Controls even extreme levels of common “off” tastes and odors, including those which are earthly, moldy and fishy.

It’s water filtration you can trust. Special order merchandise or custom-built equipment requires longer lead-time. The collet gripper has stainless steel teeth which hold the tube firmly in position while the O-ring provides a permanent leak-proof seal. In Congress enacted the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act to amend the Safe Drinking Water Act’s section regarding the use and introduction into commerce of lead pipes, plumbing fittings or fixtures, solder and flux.

  LM2574N 5.0 PDF

Everppure service life of 1, gallons. The Everpure EV accepts the following replacement cartridges: Sanitary quick change cartridge is easy to install and replace. Reduces lead to below the Federal Action Level.

The Gold Seal Program offers certification of all products and chemicals that contact drinking evefpure. Push in collet squarely against face of fitting. You will only be charged when your orders are placed. Its professional room includes engineers, chemists, toxicologists, and environmental health professionals with broad experience both in public and private organizations. To see our “in-store” price on this product, you must add it to your Shopping Cart by clicking the Add to Cart button.

View a chart that compares the features of all Everpure residential drinking water systems we sell. Large orders and assembled whole house units are shipped via common carrier, stretch wrapped on a pallet. Auto Delivery from Filtersfast.

NSF is widely recognized for its scientific and technical expertise in the health and environmental sciences.