Evernight Tome 3 de Claudia Gray. Résumé: Evernight Tome 2 – Claudia Gray . Evernight Âmes Captives tome 2 Les devins – G.H. David. Achetez et téléchargez ebook Stargazer (Evernight Book 2) (English Edition): Bianca et lui sont séparés étant donné les évènements de la fin du tome 1 et ne. Never sky / La série de l’impossible, tome 2: Ever dark / A travers la nuit sans fin Titre original: Under The Never Sky, book 2: Through the Ever Night ().

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Bianca calls upon Christopher who is revealed to be Mrs. At the end of the story, Redgrave is killed by Charity. She almost loses herself in the crowd when she is waltzing with Balthazar, but is brought back to her senses by simply remembering Lucas. October Learn how and when to remove this template message. Other members of Black Cross include Mr Wantanabeone of the oldest members who is killed in the battle with Charity; and Everbightwho is Kate’s husband and Lucas’s stepfather, as well as being the leader of Lucas’s cell.

Evetnight is gravely wounded but Bianca drinks his blood and he drinks hers. Bethany and several members of Evernight including Balthazar who is captured. Bethamy allowed humans at Evernight Academy, although it’s never truly revealed why. Bianca’s parents are told that their daughter has died, for which they blame Lucas.

Bianca gives in to temptation, bites Lucas and drinks his blood.

Evernight livre 2 by Claudia Gray on Apple Books

She is told she can form a body by holding objects she has bonded to in her life including her broche and her coral bracelet which were both made of evernkght living material. Lucas Ross is a evednight student at Evernight Academy, and he soon befriends Bianca and Vic who is his roommate. Bethany offers him shelter much to the annoyance of his fellow pupils. Lucas with Ranulf and Vic who have returned from holiday agree to assist Balthazar in killing Charity.


After she realizes what she did, she screams for help. Bianca goes to visit Christopher, a powerful wraith, and he tells her that she could be used as veernight bridge between the human world and the world that wraiths inhibit before they can reach heaven.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Vic is generally liked by everyone at Evernight as he believes that everyone is great in their own way. The book returns to Bianca’s story a few months later.

Bianca is caught by Balthazar while sneaking back who agrees not to tell Mrs. She helps Bianca get ready for dates with Lucas. When Evernight is attacked by an evil force that seems to target her, she discovers the truth she thought she knew is only the beginning.

She is the headmistress of Evernight Academy which is her home and life which she has continued running for many years. Lucas and Bianca declare their love for each other. Bethany reveals that she plans on killing Bianca so she could become human again but her plans are stopped when Lucas and her parents arrive.

He has a hot temper, explaining that he’d always tkme things with his fists, but when he’s hanging out with his friends, such as Bianca or Vic, he seems completely at ease with the world and enjoys every second of his life.

She knows she does not belong but she cannot escape because her parents are now teachers at the school. Bethany’s cottage collapses killing her too. Bianca then meets and falls in love with a human named Lucas Ross, who also feels isn’t the “Evernight” type, but their love evernibht forbidden by their families and friends when the truth of each other’s nature comes to light.


Bianca, now a wraith, and Lucas, now a vampire, must return to Evernight to evernught control his blood lust. Bianca runs off with him, and even though he has been raised to hate all vampires, he still loves Bianca. Although she could have killed Lucas, who offered himself to her as long as she did not let him rise, she dies tmoe becomes a wraith.

They both escape and later get jobs. Lucas disagrees and leaves as toome does not agree with the Morality of it. Bethany stages a break into the Black Cross cell along with several members of staff and Balthazar, wanting to take Bianca back to her parents. She is met by a wraith named Maxine who tells her that she is powerful due to her born status as a wraith. Why does she hide her vampirism from the reader for half the book?

Evernight livre 2

Lucas is also splashed with Holy water and burns because he has fed Bianca. She reported Bianca to Kate Ross when she realized that Bianca was a half vampire but was later forgiven by her and left Black Cross with Dana.

Despite the predictable romantic entanglements and the constant telling, the plot races along with a search evernght a crazed renegade vampire, threatening ghosts, uncovered secrets and a flaming climax with a significant body count.

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