: Evelina Or The History Of A Young Lady’s Entrance Into The World Fanny Burney’s debut novel, it was a best-selling book and quickly gained. Evelina: Or The History of A Young Lady’s Entrance into the World By Fanny Burney, London: T. Lowndes, Reprinted New York: W. W. Norton. Jul 1, Evelina, Or, the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World by Fanny Burney. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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They tell me that London is now in full splendour. As magistrates of the press, and Censors for the public, — to which you are bound by the sacred ties of integrity to exert the most spirited impartiality, and to which your suffrages should carry the marks of pure, dauntless, irrefragable truth — to appeal to your MERCY, were to solicit your dishonour; and therefore, — though ’tis sweeter than frankincense, — more grateful to the senses than all the odorous perfumes of Arabia, — and though It droppeth like the gentle rain from heaven Upon the place beneath, — I court it not!

He enquired very earnestly if I was not hurt by the accident? Well; adieu, my dearest Sir, for the present; I could not forbear writing a few words instantly on my arrival, though I suppose my letter of thanks for your consent is still on the road. Fahny, pray don’t suppose that I make any point of going, for I shall hardly sigh, to eveina them depart without me, though I shall probably never meet with such another opportunity.

Evelina is an epistolary novel—written entirely as a sequence of letters, mostly from the heroine herself, with a few responses from her correspondents and others—and suffers from the awkwardnesses and improbabilities of most novels that use this device. In our walks I saw Lord Orville. Evelina traces the social development of an indifferently reared young girl who is unsure of herself and subject to errors of manners and judgment but eventually overcomes her deficiencies and manages to marry.

Sir Clement Willoughby was quite an interesting character, although obviously pretty thoroughly disreputable he certainly had more character than Lord Orville and I couldn’t quite help thinking that it was a shame that Fanny Burney didn’t put as much effort into developing Lord Orville that she did into Sir Clement Willoughby. What his own reasons evekina for honouring us with his company, I cannot imagine; unless, indeed, he had a curiosity to know whether I should invent any new impertinence concerning him.

When this point was settled, the question was put, Which was tallest? See 2 questions about Evelina…. I don’t remember why I put this on my to-read list but I’m glad I did! To be sure, after all that had passed, it was very ridiculous to suppose it even probable that Lord Orville would again honour me with his choice; yet I am compelled to confess my absurdity, by way of explaining what follows. Perhaps, were it possible to effect the total extirpation of novels, our young ladies in general, and boarding-school damsels in particular, might profit from their annihilation; but since the distemper they have evelija seems incurable, fajny their ganny bids defiance to the medicine of advice or reprehension, and since they are found to baffle all the mental art of physic, save what is prescribed by the slow regimen of Time, and bitter diet of Experience; surely all attempts to contribute to the number birney those which may be read, if not with advantage, at least without injury, ought rather to be encouraged than contemned.


We have been a-shopping as Mrs.

Duval’s influence could lead Evelina to byy fate similar to that of her mother Caroline, who secretly wedded Sir John Belmont, a libertine, who afterwards denied the marriage. So that, far burrney enjoying a conversation which might, at any other time, have delighted me, I continued silent, uncomfortable, and ashamed.

I believe you would hardly know me, for my face looks quite different to what it did before my hair was dressed. Jan 29, Shala Howell rated it liked it. Villars dreads the change. I recognized my introverted wife in several passages.

Evelina, Or, the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World by Fanny Burney

Can you, like patience on a monumentsmile in the midst of disappointment? We have been to the opera, and I am still more pleased than I was on Tuesday.

Should the fate of the dear survivor be equally adverse, how wretched will be the end of my cares — the end of my days! I heartily rejoice that he was not present at the disagreeable conclusion of yesterday’s adventure, for I am sure he would have contributed to my confusion; which might, perhaps, have diverted him, as he seldom or never smiles but at some other person’s bjrney.

Specially what I liked portrayed in the book was the hypocritical aspect that a man who bore a status and esteemed place in society was not censured for behaving disrespectfully towards a woman and still enjoyed the respect of people.

Evelina – Wikipedia

Her shame being greatly heightened by the teasing from the men she offended by her gauche behaviour. Again he would have taken my hand; but bowing my head, I begged to be excused, and turned to Miss Mirvan to conceal my laughter. Never dance in public with a stranger, — with one whose name you are unacquainted with, — who may be a mere adventurer, — a man of no character, consider to what impertinence you may expose yourself. Mirvan being tired, Maria and I walked round the room alone.

He disdains his father for his close attention to business, and love of money; though he seems himself to have no talents, spirit, or generosity, to make him superior to either. Just going to Drury Lane Theatre. She insisted upon my staying with her all day; as she intended, she said, to introduce me to some of my own relations. Sir Clement Willoughby doesn’t know the meaning of no, always trying to make Evelina do things not in her nature He then, with an air the most respectfully serious, asked if he had been so unhappy as to offend me?


This page was last edited on 19 Novemberat Not without great difficulty was the Captain prevailed upon to defer his journey some time longer; but what could be done?

We were sitting in this manner, he conversing with all gaiety, I looking down with all foolishness, when that fop who had first asked me to dance, with a most ridiculous solemnity approached, and, after a profound bow or two, said, “I humbly beg pardon, Madam, — and of you too, my Lord, — for breaking in upon such agreeable conversation — which must, doubtless, be more delectable — than what I have the honour to offer — but — “.

Evelina, Or, the History of a Young Lady’s Entrance into the World by Fanny Burney – Free Ebook

Burney doesn’t handle comic relief as well as she could here, and instead of making me smile, she made me wish she had got rid of her annoying side characters, particularly Captain Mirvan and Madame Duval, who are so grotesque and unfunny in Burney’s attempts to make them be “funny” as she understands bkrney. I am well evelin with her disposition, and have for many years foreseen the contest which now evelinq us. Mirvan astonished, — eveluna suddenly seized my hand, saying, “Think, my Lord, what must be my reluctance to resign this fair hand to your Lordship!

However, the same moment that he opened the door with this design, she presented herself at it, attended by Monsieur Du Bois. In a short time we were joined by Miss Mirvan, who stood next couple to us. The mind is but too naturally prone to pleasure, but too easily yielded to dissipation: I’m no common person, I assure you; and, ma foiI’ll go to Justice Fielding about you; for I’m a person of fashion, and I’ll make you know it, or my name a’n’t Duval.

Believe me, my lovely girl, I am truly sensible to the honour of your good opinion, and feel myself deeply penetrated with love and gratitude. I felt so confused! Two playhouses are open, — the Opera-house, — Ranelagh, — and the Pantheon. Madame Duval is by no means a proper companion or guardian for a young woman: I shall have no happiness till I am again with you.