Esky honey bee cp3 manual pdf. 2 21 7 06 20 PM, error Service Control. Manager – The Windows Search service terminated unexpectedly. Items 1 – 24 of 45 Esky honey bee cp3 instruction manual. Item Name:ESKY 4 in 1 Controller Receiver Item NO Brand: Esky Compatible with. Discussion HoneyBee CP3 setup Beginner Training Area (Heli-Electric) get pitch 0 at low stich and +7 at high stick according to the manual.

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You can find me on http: AT least thats how it worked in my case.

Maybe I can help and I will need more info manyal your problem. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Don’t worry about the max.

I visit there chat too. Once you have the rotor pitch set initially, then you have to spin up the rotors and make sure they are traveling in the same plane, again you will adjust the short links to do this.


E Sky Honey Bee King 3 000015 Instruction Manual

Your site has helped a lot. Mooie site heb je trouwens. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Notify me of new posts via email. Chancing from N1 to N2 is done like this. Great that we share similar equipment. This can become a serious mesh in only a few seconds! When done then bind in the new channel the RX you always have to bind the RX when using a new channel.

Once a channel is binded with the RX it is okee. Using a sim is great for orientation practice. Also have amnual Walkera CB which is a bundle of fun. BTW a very nice setup!

By time you will learn to control your Belt easier. Originally Posted by Balr Volgens mij ben jij HoneyBee expert, zou je me misschien een antwoord kunnen geven? Manua, pitch adjust will only effect the pitch when in normal mode, it is overriden in idle modes. What I meant is that when you open a new channel for a new bird, new settings etc, you have to bind the TX and RX. Only move to next small step until your mastered your current practise. Apr 06, Balr14 Cranky old fart.


My idle up switch is in the normal flight settings. Keep up the good work, Cheers until next time, Paul.

Cp3 honey bee manual – vuqxrpmece –

At 64 my learning curve has slowed WWWWaaaaaayyyyyy down. Fully Loctite and CNA all screws. What transmitter are you using?

I have almost no coax experience myself and a size coax sound really great. Discussion HoneyBee CP3 setup this is driving me nutz I m trying really hard to get the pitch setting right for this heli. Sorry for not being as clear to you as I wished to be. N1 N2 N3 N4 N5 are model channels to use.

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